Routable twitter bootstrap tabs made with Angular 2
Katarina Golbang

Thanks Katarina for the simplified explanation.

I have similar implementation wherein with the help of <router-outlet></router-outlet> one component is being rendered. And inside that component I have created couple of tabs ( again using routers and <router-outlet>) and all the tabs are rendering perfectly (but after clicking on them no initial load nothing is displayed just tabs are shown).

My problem is on parent component rendering, I am not able to render one tab inside the component by default (displays data only after clicking).

I tried by default navigating to one of the child tab’s route while parent’s route is called but no luck.

Only way it works when ngAfterContentInit() function in parent component calls the route to child tab after some delay by manually inserting after alert(‘ ’).

Basically i want a way to call the child route only after whole parent component is rendered to make it work.

Please help on on this.

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