“Happiness is a blessing that shouldn’t be determined by whether someone is in your life or not”


Its harder now. Our conversations arent the same anymore like it used to be. You give me blunt and shorter answers. You don’t smile as much when we facetime. The only time i actually see you smile is when you would on your phone texting you friends. I miss your smile. I don’t see it anymore when we facetime. I miss it. I’d love to see you smile, now especially that you have braces. But now, you smile less when you see me. It’s so difficult now, i just wanna make you smile again. I just want you mine again. but i know it wont happen. you say that in time it would, but i feel like you wouldn’t have that time anymore. I don’t know what to do. It’s not the same anymore. I cant make you fall in love with me, you just have to do that on your own.

I’m 48 miles away from you. 45 minutes away. I will make the distance for you.

Ive noticed the things that we used to do vs. what you do now. Our sign offs before would be to kiss our webcam so that our virtual lips can touch. As corny as it did sound, but it was our corny thing to do. Doing our pinky promise shaka. How much we used to that before compared to now. Every time i would praise you or compliment you, its like they just go through you. They don’t have meaning behind them anymore. I feel like you’re jaded to all the things i would try and do for you.

I just wish i can drop everything i have. Main thing being with work. I just wish i can drop it for weeks or a month to just spend as much time with you so that we can reconnect again. I would do anything for you.

Philippians 4:13

“I didn’t leave because i stopped loving you, i left cause the longer i stayed the less i loved myself”

-Rupi Kaur