Movie/Short Film idea
or it can be a story too

A short story/idea where a little girl gets psychologically terrorized by a 3 1/2 foot clown who is just a figment of her imagination..

Chapter 1.

Background story, this was a family of 3 (wife, husband, daughter) wife was mainly a housewife after she had her baby and shes a successful housewife bc she runs an online business and her husband was a successful business man who runs a billion dollar company <just an overall manager for the entire building> so he makes like half a million dollars. So with that wealth they are living in the rich suburbs in san francisco where we went house watching after running that run we did one time. so they were there with their 6 year old girl.

<and this movie isnt the kind of movie where, “oh the little girl has some sort of disease where it makes her a little unawareness becasue her mom was a drug addict and she was experimenting with other drugs (like shooting up kind) because she was one of those hardcore teens that shoots up, eats, whatever kind of shooting up. and that was her highschool life. It was until she met her first real life boyfriend which ended up being her husband. They met in college, in a uc type becasue that was the college her boyfriend, now husband, met . [we’ll get to that later on, maybe chapter] anyways, she saw the way she was: all formal and gentlemen like, just imagine a prep school like lower than harvard but stil be top, so that kind. she saw the way he acts and is as a person and how he was raised because his family was a wealthy owner too..……

his father too was a manager of the same company that the son is running. that son inherited the dad’s ownership of the company when he was the appropriate age bc his father was getting old and really sick. his father was only making half how much the son makes currently {the son in present time is making 500K. His dad would be making 250K which is the same amount back then when he was in his sons age. the son would be making 125K because he was part time}{The sons dad has other full time workers but they’re only getting 150K a month when his son just works 1 week straight with the same hours that the workers are getting, if he only works 1 week straight, he’d get 150 automatically}. so the son only worked as part time only because his dad didnt want him to work so much and get his work into his studies meaning he didnt want his son to just work nonstop and not study for it. His dad is only making him to study hard because he’s at a hard school and really wants him to get a good job when in reality, he was gonna pass on his ownership of the company to his son but he wants his son to know that with hard work at studies for school he can earn a job like his dad has..that is really hard to get into but the only way he got into is because his dad had connections at the school. but with going to that school, that son was able to get into a good well known private school, that then got him into a well known good college, the college the son is in right now. the one that his dad wants him to study well in…….

Anyways back to the main story. They met at the quad and she saw the way she looked at hi and she changed herself so that he can notice her even more. typical they catch each other out on a date, go date, go fall in love, get married. but she does all this by changing her style and to quit doing drugs and all that.

The wife, only way she is like (a drug user, goth, does whatever she wants) that is because she only wants attention from her parents. Ever since she was small in school (elementary), what broke her heart as a small girl was that she would achieve something really good in school, her parents wouldn’t realize what she’s accomplished and so she thinks to get her parents attention is her to do bad things. that never convinced her parents enough to notice her and her actions in school

talk about how smart she was. how she was really still smart just does bad stuff.

then go back to college years where her bf/husband meets parents, sees daughter change her style for him. parents notice.

then married then birth of first born. but complications due to drugs in college life.

They had to move to other side of country because husband has job opportunity of to another building but same company, maybe in the south of the east coast. live in the rich woods. they bought the house they currently live in cheaper than it was supposed to because a little girl died in that same house sorta the same age as the couples little girl now currently. first few months fine because nothing happened. then sees where small spot in the house where the previous girl died. With the drugs that her mom has passed on to her, she starts to see things and thats how she finds the spot of where the girl died. The image she sees a flash of the little girls body on the floor, and each flash she sees a clown hovering over the girls body. (blood on the floor)

Few days later, she would be alone in the house and start to hallucinate (flash/apparently see) the clown standing in the middle of the house, eerily turn to the little girl and start to follow her. as the clown gets closer and closer, the clown quickly fades away only to think that it was a mere illusion.

Days would pass by and when she remembers the clown illusion once again, she would immediately start thinking about the clown and that puts her go in to a trans where she goes in 3rd person mode and she sees herself walking through a doorway, and behind her is a small 3 1/2 foot clown mirroring her every move behind her back. and as she sees herself from that 3rd person states, she gets freaked out with what she saw and looks behind her but sees nothing. but she then realizes that what if its just behind her back from following her every move. because the clown is a made up figment from her imagination, the clown knows what she will do and when she will turn around so thats how we is always able to hide from her at all times. the more she thinks about the clown, the more real it would start to become.

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