The Shift & The Aftermath

The shift

‘On a Friday night, after miles of driving’

As we shifted relationships we had with each other, I could physically, mentally, and emotionally feel things shift. Shift unto unbalanced surface. You can actually tell that something is amiss. What is the shift? It occurs when move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance. That small distance was me pushing your further and further away from the possibility of getting back together.

The aftermath

Now since we have shifted places, the aftermath is when everything starts to crumble. our relationship not just as a couple but as best friends. everything i love about her starts to crumble. Not because of how i left her, asked for her to take me back. No. It was the reactions and blank, motionless, loveless, careless expressions. Its the main thing that crumbled my heart. I kinda learned how to walk along the rubble to get across the other side. I learned a lot of things. Nosce Te Ipsum : Know Thyself. thats what i did. Learned a lot about myself. Do i or do i not anymore? i don’t know the answer to that.

As time goes on, i’d eventually just get used to it. And so far its been working. Me just thinking about the truth will get me through life easier. Knowing that i’ll have my best-friend at the end of the day is enough to comfort me and put me at peace. the Future is impossible to predict, but lets see whats stored in our future, if we have one together.

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