Artists Business : Followers Vs Fans

What Does It Mean To Have Million Followers?

-The Relation Between Followers And Artists :

You know, People are always interested about how many followers artists have, and they ranks how much somebody is famous or doing a good job by how many followers they have on Social Media,

And you know what? That Is Totally WRONG

-How Is That ?

This idea was in my head a long time ago just by observing human activity towards social media, and it kept getting clearer when i started searching about it, basically liking a page on social media or following somebody on them doesn’t really mean that we are a Fan, there are multiple reasons that makes us follow somebody :

1- Being A Hater
1- Being A Fan
2- Being Curious
3- Wanting To Be Updated…

And the list goes on…

In this article i choosed to give a real life exemple of two major Rap Artists in the USA and observe the numbers of their latest albums :

Drakes Album : More Life / Kendrick Lamar Album : DAMN.

Before to the numbers, first i have to admit that these are 2 good albums and they both are 2 of my best 2017 albums, i have to admit too that i listened more to More Life and i enjoyed it better than DAMN. (Personal Choice)

-Social Media Numbers :

Lets get to their social media numbers :

Facebook : Drake Got 36Million — Kendrick Got 8.6Million
Instagram : Drake Got 37.5Million — Kendrick Got 6.8Million
Twitter : Drake Got 36.3Million — Kendrick Got 9.2Million
Youtube Subscribers : Drake Got 7.5Million — Kendrick Got 3.4Million
Youtube Total Views : Drake Got 3.1Billion — Kendrick Got 1.1Billion

(Please refer back to the image under)

As you see there is a huge difference in numbers up to 3 or 4 times!

Even looking at the 4 most viewed videos clips of the 2 artists on Youtube, you still can see the big difference : 
 -Drake : More Than 2Billion Views
 -Kendrick : 500Million Views

(Please refer back to the image under)

-Will Drake Sells More Than Kendrick ?

Looking at all the numbers mentioned above, you wouldn’t think that these artist would even have approximate sales numbers… Well think again! 
-More Life droped on march then DAMN. droped on april, so not that much difference between the releases dates.

The Shocking Surprise Here Is : DAMN. Actually Sold In The First Week More Than More Life…

And Drake Was Like Damn.

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