How I Turned 500$ to 3200$ in 3weeks

Then Lost It All In A Day.

When All Of This Trading Thing Started?

Long story short, i started trading back in late 2010 when i was in my first year of my economics baccalaureate, don’t get twisted, it was not because i’m studying economics, it was because an Etoro Ad ( which is the biggest scam in the trading business in my opinion ) while everybody was looking for chicks i was looking for money, it seemed like a good solution for my problem, until it wasn’t. So thats how i started my trading journey, i’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge on trading while i was taking L’s over and over again.

This Account Story

This was in ramadan, i started this as a challenge for myself to see my chart and risk management skills, and to pass the long ramadan days. So i deposited 500$ in an account and i started trading the 9th june.

The First Week

Nothing special happened that week, just warming up, there was no volatility in the markets i traded so the week ended with a 67$ loss.

The Volatility started — Second Week

And thats what i was waiting for, i ended up catching this 2 trades, started with 5% risk on each one, then trailling my stop orders and adding up to the position, i ended the week on 411$ profit nearly 100% just by risking the total of 10% of the small account.

More Volatility — Third Week

Still focusing on GBP/JPY and AUD/USD i caught those down moves too, nothing special but the same strategy, medium risk, adding up to the position and trailling stops as long as it goes, the week ended up with more profit, 786$ total profit.

The Move I Was Waiting For — Fourth Week

I had my eyes on this pair from the beginning, and i waited for this move so bad, i was so ready and exited, the risk got added on this one, first trade 10% risk of the account, it worked so well, i kept adding risk more and more, i ended up banking 2000$ profit on this trade only, total profit now is 2870$.

The Tragedy — Fifth Week

I was not ready to trade, i had no plans, no analysis, just chilling since i was not home, but i did a huge mistake, i was surfing the net watching what other traders were doing just because i was curious, i saw a lot of them buying Gold and i ended up entering that trade with no explication…

It was not playing well, i ended up getting emotional over it and started adding risk and moving stops lower as it kept going against, first night drawdown 30% of the account, i don’t know what happened to me that time, my emotions got played and i said either it goes to the targets either ill leave it to destroy the account, smart me, it ended up eating every cent of the account… :(

End Of The Story… End Of The Account…

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