Social Media: Squares Vs Circles

Can You Decide Which One Of Them? Please?

Where Is The Problem ?

You may not have This problem, but i do, in a fact a lot of people does too, those who designs there profiles pictures to fit in a special shape to discover later that the app or the website changes that shape in different areas, pages or devices.

Lets Start With Facebook

As you see here you start with a square shape, so i designed my photo to look good there.

No problem yet on the Facebook Mobile APP, Facebook still using a square.

But when you head over Facebook Messenger, the square becomes a circle which in this case damages the aesthetic of the image.

Youtube Does This Too

Stars with everything square, as you see i’m using a logo in this account, so i’ve shaped it as a square.

Until i discover that the on the user tab and on the Youtube Mobile App they become a circle, which i cant find any reasonable reason for this and it damages the logo aesthetic.

Instagram Solution For This Problem :

If you use Instagram then you’ll know that every profile picture is in a round, everywhere, you check comments, profile, stories, notifications… , very simple and smart solution, and as you see i’ve shaped the logo so its looks good as a circle in Instagram :)