So you think you can code?

Hey, don’t worry out there. This won’t lead you to some anxiety or dilemma. I would just like to share some coding hacks” as they say it.

No, this isn’t some hack that makes you a coder in a single day. Neither it is some hack that gives u knowledge about every coding language, such that you are ready to roll on and conquer every coding challenge out there.

So, what’s this?

Yes, now we are talking. Right?

So, this are some formulated steps that me, as a coder have followed being inspired from a huge coding community out there. And today, as a coder I think I am capable of sharing it to you such that some day you might do the same and help few more people. That’s a chain out there. Did you see that coming?

So, let me tell you this, there is a huge community out there who are giving their 110% everyday. They are finding new, better and optimized solutions, letting the world know about it and eventually making the community a better place to be a part of. So, where do you stand right now? Hope you got a picturesque in your head by now. Don’t get it this way that “it’s not my cup of tea”. No, trust me you can too. It’s just that every single day you have to hone your skills and learn something from each and every problem you face.

Now, I think you are ready to take yourself up to the actual process.

So, how we do it?

Yes, you can do it and it’s very easy. Let me get you to this path.

Start exploring languages. By languages I mean coding languages. Get the basics of the languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. Though there are a lot out there but these 3 would help for sure. Do the basics.

Enroll yourself into courses. Get yourself a course enrolled in whichever of the coding languages you liked the basic of. You can enroll courses at:

Kickoff coding along with learning. Refer to the coding sites. Start learning things by coding. Hackerrank is one of the best site out there to find questions from the topics you think you have mastered. However, I would personally recommend you to start off with geeksforgeeks for analyzing your coding strength and practicing the same daily to increase your question tackling ability. Remember, “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle”.

Become competitive. Get yourself into competitive coding. Yes, now it’s high time you know a huge part of the language by now and now you should start participating in coding contests. You can find them on hackerrank, codechef, hackerearth.

So, as of now it seems fine, right? You don’t seem to have missed anything. Did you?

Yes, so when you do all these you find something that vacates inside you. It’s perfectly normal to feel you might not be perfectly efficient because you weren’t introduced to this thing known as algorithms. This is one of the biggest challenge for a coder till date to find the best algorithm for a problem while solving it. Now, I know it would take me one more whole article if I write on algorithms. So as of now, I think I should stop it here and let you explore this world to find some ways for yourself too.


By writing this, I hope I could aspire some people to start coding and give some advice to those who felt themselves lost. I also do hope the article wasn’t that scary as it seemed to be.

And lastly while coding do remember,

I know I might have shortened a lot, but trust me I wanted to make it the least scary and most precise. Hope you liked it. :)

Feel free to ask me anything on LinkedIn and follow me on GitHub as I have just started to put up solutions to codes on different sites that I have encountered.