They say that art is what you make it, understand it, and see it. and as for artists, well anyone can be an artist, but not all can make art. Me and my blockmates were grouped and given a task of interviewing an artist, and introduce him/her to the class.

The artist which I favored were Yannie Rumbaoa the First Filipino Coin Engraver, Bing Basit a Photographer, and Maribeth Nacdao a food technologist. What made these artists similar is they all make art, inspire people, and are driven by their passion. What is different about them is their experiences, career, and masterpieces they produce.

In our Society they are not just artists but as role models as well. They inspire people with their masterpieces, they help people have a deeper understanding on what art is.

I would like to imitate their undying Passion, Dedication, Hardwork, and deep understanding of the world in my career in the future, so that I would be able to inspire others with my work.