A Workshop at Maranatha Christian University where I taught about Character Design via Matrix Technique, 16th October 2015.

Young x Old / Body x Mind

When you are young, do things that challenge your body and stamina.

Do sports, heavy lifting, marathon, cook for hundreds and thousands, serve people in a party or event. Run here and there, go everywhere.

Because one day, you might have to leave those and take a desk job, get bigger responsibilities, use your brain more than your muscles.

When you are old, do things that challenge your wisdom.

Create plans, strategies, surprises and mass achievements. Do things that scale. Teach people, give advices, solve problems.

Because one day, when you don’t have enough energy to do things anymore waiting on your deathbed, at the very least you know that you’ve helped changed the world for the better. That your life is meaningful and not wasted. That your grand children and someone else’s grand children will remember your name and what you’ve done to make their lives better.