Interesting Innocent!

A novel by David Baldacci — It has all the elements to keep one engaged

The Virginia based author

who is my personal favorite had started a new series of books based on Will Robie ( fictional Bourne type Protagonist) and this story is about my personal experience in relishing the book.

Here I wouldn’t like to discuss about the book as undoubtedly he is one of best story teller and would leave it all to read the book and enjoy it.

As every writer would go through a phase called “ writer-block” a similar phase is seen at the reader end too and to put it simply “ reader-block” — A lack of interest to begin the books till the end. It certainly is a traumatic experience as it continues to linger in one’s head.

Thanks to Innocent, I overcame and feel really relieved that book-worm in me is slowing recovering to normalcy.

There is another first and I liked is , this was the first book I read using Kindle app and the experience of reading an ebook was definitely thrilling as the book.

Now to put in simple words about this book, it lays foundation to another exemplary character which is extraordinary and the story telling is again fascinating which just leaves the audience wanting for more.

David is already in his 4th book in this series, its time to binge-reading of Will Robie’s series.

Thanks David for yet another entertaining story!

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