The Many — Creepy!

It is dark and disturbing.

We probably would have read many books and one could easily make a wild guess how the story is paced and where it would end and finally we categorize it to a particular genre — Crime, Thriller and others. What really fascinates a reader is a fine mixture of emotions and in the end the reader would be clueless to categorize a book to a particular genre. If an author could do that, then he is certainly intelligent. Well, Nathan Field in this book he accomplishes it fantastically.

The story starts of as a regular young adult thriller, it has a fine wave of creepiness underlined in the story which makes it interesting. It is a quick read and you wouldn’t regret burning your midnight oil or drying up the last few hours of charge left on your kindle/smartphone.

I usually look out for when reading a book is visualizing if this could be converted to a motion picture. Well, Many could be a scintillating thriller if it falls into a good director as the story and the backdrop is pretty disturbing and quite convincing. My personal favorite who could excel here is Eli Roth.

The author does a fantastic job in keeping the audience clueless, it is indeed disturbing to know the pain suffered by the characters . Just when we know where the story is heading, a subtle twist to keep us guessing till the end and I would find difficult to categorize it to thriller category as horror is blended intelligently.

If you want to experience a subtle hair-rising experience and also enjoy the thrill of reading a page-turner. My advice is “ The Many” is indeed a lot!

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