Two Days Gone — Cat and Mouse thriller!

I couldn’t come up with a better title for this riveting and clever thriller by Randall Silvis.

We would have read many thrillers and one would be in a comfortable position to track how the story would end however here comes the author who starts off with a bang and keeps up the curiosity level high and just when we all thought it would end on expected lines, gives an unexpected twist and we end up undoubtedly appreciating the author’s brilliance.

A simple plot with minimal characters and yet the author continues to hold the reader’s attention . What is really interesting is the way author crafted the characters as there is an underlying trauma and eventually the story ends where I personally never expected it.

We do fall for the characters and they are certainly backed up with emotions which holds the audience grip and continues it to be an excellent page-turner.Yes, It does all have the right ingredients to be visualized on the stellar screen and personally would like to see if how Martin Scorsese would handle this story.

Overall, an excellent read and thanks for the author and his brilliance for giving us a fantastic story that does linger in for a while after completing it.Its an emotional thriller. It would certainly keep you warm this upcoming Fall.Two days gone is interesting!

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