Witnesses — Time for binge-reading!

My take on Bookshots — Loved it!

As a typical Indian, always in hunt for best deals and thanks to Amazon got hands on the below book for (wait for it.. unbelievable) zero rupees. If that sense gratification wasn’t enough, the book is written by the modern master storyteller — James Patterson.

Let me define what is Bookshots — It is a unique set of series written by James which are fast and short novels (novella!). In simpler terms, it is a high octane action thriller which is squeezed to a single episode than prolonged like our daily soap operas.In a language that we all know its T20 format of novels!

Setup: Though there are many books available, there is always a particular time where one starts reading it and sometimes I feel that its the book decides when to unravel the mystery in it and the reader is mere spectator.

After a tiring day in the office on a Saturday cool evening, what better way to wrap up the rest of the night than reading a book from James Patterson.

Plot: As always, I would never reveal the story as one needs to enjoy the book by reading it . I could undoubtedly mention that disappointment is a distant reality as the book is racy, the urge to know what happens next lingers on.

Analysis: It is a good story which is brilliant and worth every page of read and certainly a deep dive into the world of James and his master storytelling. A final word to sum it up.. Binge on!

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