Why am I so tired?

You know that feeling of being tired, but wired at the same time? Or too tired to function so you’re running on fumes and you’re just impressed with how much you can go?

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Why do people expect me to be different?

I’ve been feeling so exhausted the past couple of weeks. Well, months to be honest. For some reason, I’ve been a roller coaster of highs and lows, more than usual. I’ve been in the red zone, living on adrenaline and cortisol and I’m fucking tired of being exhausted.

What does being tired have to do with expectations?

Fatigue is the unproportional return of rewards on efforts or trade offs we make every day. In other, very simplified words, we get mentally tired every time the cons outweigh the pros of the outcome of our actions or decisions.

Why do expectations always seem impossible to meet?

Most of us have more than one person of influence in our lives, and since no two people have the same perspective, so it’s statistically impossible to please everyone at once.

How can I take care of myself, when I’m busy doing other things?

What I’m saying is, common sense or not, it would be unfair to expect other people to act exactly how you’d like them to, especially if you didn’t tell them.

How can I better manage myself to meet expectations and avoid fatigue?

But the key to not being resentful and not being tired isn’t in fighting or rebelling against expectations.

Won’t I be disappointing other people, or worse, selling myself short?

It means setting limits in your life, across all aspects, that you define. What your will or will not tolerate. Boundaries.


1. It’s not your job to change or fix other people.

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I like asking questions and giving unsolicited opinions and advice. Check them out at itsmilesagain.com.

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