You know that feeling of being tired, but wired at the same time? Or too tired to function so you’re running on fumes and you’re just impressed with how much you can go?

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Why do people expect me to be different?

I’ve been feeling so exhausted the past couple of weeks. Well, months to be honest. For some reason, I’ve been a roller coaster of highs and lows, more than usual. I’ve been in the red zone, living on adrenaline and cortisol and I’m fucking tired of being exhausted.

Because I am not a professional, I did what anyone else would do. Research.

Psychologists and scholars are calling it Zoom Fatigue, Crisis Fatigue, Covid Fatigue, whatever it’s called, it’s pretty obvious the world is tired.

So it got me thinking: why are we all so tired from even the smallest things?

So here’s what I found. …

Last week we asked what surviving in this absurd world means, especially with the need for moral relativism when considering the social contract theory, the state of nature, and… the meaning of life. This week, does that mean that to be free, we have no choice by to accept the status quo?

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The Shadow and Illusory Superiority

Carl Jung, claims that in the depths in our mind, lives what he calls The Shadow: the part in our psyche that we typically refuse to acknowledge, because our Shadow is the asshole part of our self, which obviously does not belong in our supposed moral-driven society

He says that to maintain mental health, we must recognize those impulses, but not identify with it. …

Now, more than ever, the phrase “I’m just trying to survive this” is being used all around the world, whatever your situation is. Maybe the past can help enlighten us, because to no one’s surprise, this isn’t the first time these things unfold. Which begs the question: Do we live most of our life in survival mode?

How do you even start living when the world we live in is absurd?

In previous episodes, guests shared how they willingly won the battle for their life, against mental and physical killers

It might be a stretch but it’s difficult to deny how even on a microscopic level, their stories of resilience and quite frankly stubbornness, invite you to question how, whatever we’re going through, it feels like more than ever, we’re on survival…

  • Over 90% of developed countries have cancer treatment services that are generally available
  • But less than 30% of low-income countries do
  • Every day in the Philippines, there are 11 new cancer cases.
  • And 8 children dying of this disease.
  • Ever hour, 7 adults do.
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With lots of strength to face his truth, grit to ride it out, and a bit of self-deprecation, this guest tells us about his battle against osteosarcoma in the distal ulna (bone cancer for us commoners) as a child, and the lessons death can teach about life.

Listen to the podcast episode on It’s Miles Again.

I tried my best not to look sick to the point that when I got, well, it carried on: people wouldn’t know I survived something horrible. …

  • Today, there are about 322 million people in the world suffering from depression, making it the primary cause of disability throughout the world.
  • In most cases, women are twice as likely to be affected than men.
  • Every year, around 800 000 die as a result of suicide.
  • In developing countries, over 75% of people suffering of mental illness receive no medical treatment
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A very friend jokingly naming himself as “Lead in the Head” answered difficult questions about surviving mental illness, such as “what was happening at that time?”, “how did he cope?”, …

When the going gets tough, we forget that life shouldn’t actually be all that hard. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it, but we give ourselves a harder time than we should be having.

I. On Moving Forward

You won’t know how you got there. You won’t know why. You won’t know who to blame. You won’t know where to start and where you’re headed. It’s going to be scary. It’s going to feel like it will last forever. And it will happen again and again. But you will wake up one morning telling yourself that everything will be alright, and actually believing it.

II. On Friendship

Some of the people closest to you will look you in the eye and consciously say hurtful things. Some people will step all over you and stomp on you when you’re already on the ground. It happens. …



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