Jupiter in Scorpio: Accelerated Alchemy

So about this topic…I’m late. As almighty fuck.

^ I curse a lot, so just know before you even get into this post. I’ll try to keep it cute, but consider this my liability clause.

I want to start by (briefly) analyzing Jupiter in Scorpio from an astrological perspective, then get into my tarot reading. This will not include a breakdown of how Jupiter in Scorpio will affect the signs or houses it transits, so please take the time to research this yourself if you want a deeper astrological understanding. Now, let’s begin by first breaking down the planet: Jupiter.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is probably the most benevolent planet in our solar system. It’s the planet of luck and furthermore, a planet of knowledge. This yearning for knowledge makes it a boundless planet that embraces expansion, openness, curiosity and adventure. It is this exactly that drives Jupiter to care about intellectual, mental and spiritual growth, especially through experience. It’s a happy planet full of faith — it firmly believes in abundance and is rooted in gratitude.

With such beautiful qualities, the dark side to Jupiter could be a little less apparent. The lesser expression of Jupiter can be overindulgence. Because Jupiter is so expansive/accepting and wants to know everything, it can have a problem knowing where to put the brakes. As you might imagine, not establishing healthy boundaries can be a downfall of this optimistic planet. Jupiter can be overly trusting, sometimes almost blind to the consequences. This can also make Jupiter lazy because it’s so sure everything will work out on its own, and that’s not always the case.

Now on to Scorpio…the sign people love to hate.

Scorpio is such a polarizing sign for a reason — it’s ruled by Pluto, a planet prone to extremes. Scorpio is the ultimate dark side motherfucker. It’s a fixed sign that’s into death, power, sex, occult, taboo…Scorpio wants your soul. I mean, Halloween is in Scorpio season…come on sis.

The reapers, the shadows themselves. They are fiercely loyal and have a deep understanding of love that is so dynamic, it can even feel like hate. It’s a complex sign that’s often feared because of its intensity. Because of this, its lesser expression can seem pretty obvious: narcissistic, stubborn, obsessive, lethal…Scorpio created the energies that many are afraid of, and it has full control of it. Scorpio has the ability to use the darkness to manipulate and hurt people.

Shit’s lit *sent with gentle effect* but Scorpio energy is nothing to fuck with.

So what happens when you combine Jupiter with Scorpio? Your shadows are on 100.

Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing up the things that trigger you most. It’s bringing all those things you’re scared of talking about — those deep carnal desires you have, the depths of your dark side — into the light. It’s a time where you’re seeking knowledge about who you are, and not just the “good” parts. It wants to explore your shadows to grow you. Now the reward of this (if you take advantage of it) will be that you’re turning dark to light at a rapid rate. If you stop ignoring your triggers and address them head on, Jupiter’s benevolent ass will bless you beyond belief just for being willing to explore yourself and grow. You will be opened to knowledge of spirituality in such a profound way that you’ll be getting hacks to this realm left and right. Your sex life has the potential to be phenomenal…you might even learn a F E W things this year. This all sounds great, but if you do not take advantage of Jupiter in Scorpio, this is where things will get ugly.

You might fall too deeply into your dark side. You may get triggered, and continue old, bad behaviors to suppress your pain (which only feeds it). You might not take the knowledge God is trying to put you on to seriously or use it in a way that isn’t in alignment with your highest good. Jupiter in Scorpio’s lesser expression in your life will play out as abusing yourself (and others) through sex and the avoidance of your pain, constant unhealthy reactions to your triggers, and painful deaths in some areas of your life. What’s going on is that when the cosmos are actively supporting your life in a specific way, it is going to be a living hell going against the grain. There have been some incredible shifts going on lately; massive portals have been opened. Jupiter in Scorpio is trying to give you the keys to ascension’s door before shit goes down in this realm. You need to embrace it, or the hell you’ll go through will make you lose faith and doubt who you are on a soul level. You’ll become a slave to this illusion and suffer through it.

This brings me to card I pulled for this transit: The World (reversed).

The World (reversed)

This card reversed is telling you that you are in the space right before stepping into your season.

Take some time to really think about that.

The World reversed is telling you that Jupiter in Scorpio is the last step before your breakthrough.

You’ve gotta take in how deep this is. Jupiter in Scorpio is an extremely intense and heavily felt transit. The World reversed asks, “What is holding you back from having everything you want?” or as Jupiter in Scorpio might translate, “It’s time to elevate. What shadows are you afraid to heal?”

The depth of this transit is nothing to play with. The universe is begging you to heal right now because it knows you’re tired, but this is the final stretch if you allow it to be. It is bringing death to a lot of things in your life that are not in alignment with your highest good (even if those things/people will reappear in your life later). It is no coincidence that the cosmos are presenting such a grand opportunity to do this right now (hello Saturn in Capricorn, but I won’t go off ). This is a time period where we will be manifesting quickly if we’re willing to go through the universe’s crash course.

If you tell the universe that you’re ready for your blessing, it’s going to see if you’re built to handle it. The cosmic secret: you are.

This transit is not meant to question if you are deserving, but it will feel like that at times. You may not feel good enough for what you want; you might even feel like God is denying you personally. Your faith is going to be tested — can you trust that you are in alignment with your highest good even when it seems like things are falling apart? Will you remain grateful through the pain? Are you using sex to manifest vibrations in alignment with your highest good, or are you abusing that divine creative energy to manifest more blocks?

Hello sis. It’s getting real.

The best part of this transit is if you can just stand the fire of your shadows for just a minute and call on your divinity to see through them with love, gratitude, and creativity, the abundance you’ll see manifest in your life will come to stay for a while.

With this transit, please be reminded to stand firm in the divine truth of who you are, and look for that in all of your triggers. Your shadows are meant to work for you, not against you. If it feels that way, it’s an illusion. Call on the energy of Neptune in Pisces to see through that bullshit when it hits you. This transit is the gateway to 5D love, to your abundance timeline. Be fearless in confronting your demons; put them on your team. Creating the reality you want requires the death of the illusion you’re subscribing to. Know that it’s safe, and it’s supported.

I wish you a period of prosperity, healing, love and abundance in a dynamic and excessive way that only Jupiter in Scorpio can give you. May this transit escort you into the season you’ve been praying for.