It's rock Bottom,

This is when your Will find out what exactly It's going for you and what is not. We all Hit that point eventually, And most of time when we do it tends to happen younger ages, Or in the youth of the projects that we're doing. It's a very uncomfortable place to be, Living paycheck to paycheck unsure whether or not you're going to have a house payment unsure whether or not you'll be able to pay your electric bill. It's a real grim reality but I do believe that when you hit rock bottom to begin to find yourself.

Rock bottom allows You to begin to find out what it is that you're trying to do the bigger thing the bigger picture I do think that in order to have the bigger picture we all have to go threw The troubles Trial and tribulations And until then you will not know exactly know who you are.

I have to say knowing self is the key, I don't think that the best way of coming to know self is to hit ROCK BOTTOM but it's a good Way to find out by going through troubles and tribulations. This is called life that we go through There's two kinds of ways that you can deal with it either you deal with it positively or negatively.

I've always looked at it like this I never lost I will herAnd within learning I grewAnd within growing I'm going for a 12 foot in front of the other that's the way I try to keep it