Bill’s Bar and Burger | Financial District, Manhattan, NY

Upon seeing a coworker scarf down his burger like man who was shipwrecked on an island for 10 years, who then was discovered and fed this burger as his first real meal, not to mention the fact that his actual, real-life stubble was significantly fuller than it would be on a normal day… I couldn’t help but create such a vivid image in my head while thinking to myself, “Wow… now that looks like a good manly burger!”

After seeing this ‘manly burger’…. Boy was I excited to go and procure one for my piggy little self! I ran over to Bill’s Burger and Bar the first chance I got, my eye and stomach on the prize.

Service…nice people. Perfect atmosphere for Lola to let tomato head loose! I happily got my burger and ran back to work. With trembling fingers I unwrapped the burger only to be further excited by the pretzel bun! Then I touched it….slightly damp to the touch. Some coworker said ‘they wrapped it too tight’ hmm… not sure if I believed that. Then, it was the moment of truth…kahhhrmph!


…It was just okay.

**This image from instagram will show you the pretzel bun… but it’s definitely not the same burger and the bun I had did not look as fluffy and delicious as this does.**

Mystery liquid kept dribbling out, thus further soggifying the bread (bottom bun especially. The meat was not that seasoned or maybe not at all? The flavors came from the bun, the bacon I had added, and the cheese. The pickles were dill pickles and didn’t seem to have an alternative option. It was aiight.

“Wow… now that looks like a good manly burger!” …not

I was slightly disappointed because my coworker had looked so fulfilled and satisfied. Looks can be deceiving for sure…but perhaps it was because I had a bangin’ burger the night before which didn’t look so amazing but was.

Truly was.

And where was that, you ask? Well let me tell you! It was at this place …

grey lady

Let me start by saying I ate many a oysters (nice variety).

I also tried the lobster bisque (thick creamy goodness), eyed the mussels at the table next to us (looked amazeballs) and last but not least the Lady Burger…need I say more than ’tis a Pat LaFrieda short rib blend.

There was one word that described my meal there. Joey Lawrence from Blossom said it the best:


But that’s for another review!

Give Bill’s Bar and Burger a try… if you’re a risk taker!

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