IKEA Burbank Restaurant | Burbank, CA

The restaurant at Ikea opens a half hour before the store even opens every day. Enough said.

I’m told there is sometimes a line out the door. My experience here was so much fun — just like being back in the college dining halls again, except with carts to wheel my tray(s) around for convenience. Of course, the prices are right (two of use ate until we were stuffed for $22), but the menu is also surprisingly vegetarian friendly! I tried the vegetable balls meal, which have an Indian curry-like seasoning, along with a bit of sauce and standard vegetable assortment.

The garlic bread and tomato soup were my favorites. Everything is sitting out for you to just pick up, but they were both hot. French fries and mashed potatoes were yummy too.

I also got a side of the potato and broccoli medallion. This could have been better. I was expecting a creamy mashed potato base, but instead it’s crunchy bits of potatoes — almost undercooked tasting.

But my MOST favorite part? the Lingonberry Juice Dispenser in the soda fountain! They dedicate two nozzles to the magic juice. If you’ve never tried lingonberry, it’s a lot like cranberry, but Swedish, so automatically more exotic. I even ended up buying the concentrated syrup from the marketplace on my way out to make my own juice (ok, vodka cocktails) at home.

On a sad note, all of the patio furniture I intended on buying in the store was sold out for the season. But even so, I would not consider it a wasted trip. I had so much fun eating in the cafeteria, I wouldn’t mind coming back next season to try my luck again.

Next time, chocolate cake!

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