Tarry Lodge | Port Chester, NY

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich are powerhouses in the restaurant industry and they’ve teamed up to establish some of the best Italian food spots in the United States.

Tarry Lodge is one of them.

The Food:

Brussels Sprouts | pancetta & Roasted Potatoes | rosemary

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Brussels Sprouts[/caption]

Youre always taking a risk when you order Brussels Sprouts. Sometimes, you get them and they’re undercooked. Other times, they’re over cooked and fried to a crisp. Sometimes they’re under-seasoned to the point where their bitter notes come out and then well… sometimes they’re perfect.

This time around, they were close to perfect, but seemed a little under seasoned and even a little under cooked. They were still firm, but flavorful. The smokiness of the pancetta really helped lessen the bitterness of the Brussels Sprouts.

The roasted potatoes were just ok. They were crispy on the outside, firm on the inside and were seasoned mildly. The rosemary was noticeable, however, it’s tough to believe that they put salt and pepper on the potatoes prior to bringing them to the table. I wish it had a little more salt and pepper off the bat. Had to ask for salt and peper for this one.

Garganelli | funghi trifolati

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Slammin. For sure. If you’re craving a nice pasta dish, light with hints of richness, this is the dish to get. Dont worry — it comes with a full dish. We just dove into this dish real quick before getting a chance to take a picture!

Out of all of the different noodle types, they picked Garganelli, which was not the best choice because it’s similar to penne. It’s a pasta that could be smooth or ridged (giving it more surface area and a way for the sauce to latch on) At the end of the day, it’s tough for the sauce to latch onto those noodles! Garganelli, is larger and a little more awkward… and rustic, for lack of better words.

Garganelli is beautiful though, because you’ll see where the corner of the pasta square complete the circle/cylindrical shape. Compare this to penne where you don’t see where the pasta square starts and ends.

The pasta sauce was probably a butter base, with a very rich mushroom flavor. Nice consistency, not too thick. The hints of parmesan throughout the dish were refreshing and comforting. The mushrooms were the perfect consistency.

Veal Osso Buco | fregula verde

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Veal Osso Buco[/caption]

Loved it. The test with Osso Buco is that it’ll fall off the bone without any effort. That’s exactly what we experienced with this incredible dish. I wouldn’t change a thing. Just the way you’d expect a perfect Osso Buco to come out.

Sadly, this is a seasonal dish and was removed from the menu just recently. (6/5/2015)

Grilled Ribeye Tagliata | with maitakes and salsa verde

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Grilled Ribeye Tagliata[/caption]

The mushrooms were nicely cooked too — roasted to perfection. They were moist and full of flavor. The greens were fresh and nicely dressed and seasoned. Impressive.

The Rib Eye? Perfectly cooked. Exactly what you’d imagine and even hope for. Tagliata simply means sliced steak, and that’s what we have right here! The wonderful balsamic vinegar drizzle is a nice touch — adding color and definitely a nice kick to every bite. If you’re a steak lover, get on this.

Sadly, this is also a seasonal dish and was removed from the menu just recently. (6/5/2015)

Eggplant Alla Parmigiana

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Eggplant Alla Parmigiana[/caption]

This was unbelievable. First off, look at that presentation. Aside from the red smear that you see at the bottom of the plate, it’s wonderful. So perfect, I didn’t want to touch it. You’ve got the tomato sauce and a basil sauce on the base of that deep fried egg plant tower. The eggplant was perfectly seasoned on the inside and definitely moist and flavorful.

It’s definitely not your Grandma’s Eggplant Parm.

Brasato al Barolo | with polenta and fava gremolata

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Brasato al Barolo[/caption]

The braised beef was delicious — so rich and flavorful. The sauce was a nice consistency as well. What ruined this dish was the polenta because it was just so… loose and almost flavorless. The consistency was almost gelatinous and my imagination couldn’t help but imagine different things that resembled this texture. #notappetizing

This is also a seasonal dish and was removed from the menu just recently. (6/5/2015)

Panettone Pudding | dulce de leche gelato

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Panettone Pudding[/caption]

Yummy. Dulce de Leche Gelato was wonderful. The Bread Pudding was delicious. Throw the ice cream on top and let it melt. #Delish


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The perfect cup to pair with the dulce de leche gelato and the tiramisu.

Tiramisu | shaved chocolate

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Wonderful. Your standard Tiramisu. It wasn’t mind blowing because of how this classic dish tasted… but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Final Thoughts:

Great dishes over all. Since there are seasonal items on the menu, some of the items are no longer on the menu… but when they do get back on there, many of them are worth trying.

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