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Season 1 Episode 2

Phil’s breathing was heavy, his heart was beating faster than he had ever experienced in his life. His eyes were wide and his mouth involuntarily opened as a result of the scene that was before him, he looked his friend Adam and couldn’t truly believe his appearance. Blood was covering most of his arms and his white t-shirt was some horror out of a butchers shop. What the hell has just happened? He thought, Dav was lying on the ground near death, attacked by what appeared to be a man but there was something wrong about him, the girls were in shock and he had just witnessed that man fall and snap his neck. He could see Adam’s hand shaking due to the adrenaline coursing through his veins, or was is shock and fear? “The numbers not working, it just keeps cutting out or goes to an automated message. We need to do something and we need to do it now or he’s going to bleed out” said Adam. Phil sensed the same thing and was worried just was much as Adam was for the boy from Lancaster. Dav was a friend, more than that he was a human being who Phil couldn’t help. Think! Think! Think! What can we do? We could ask the neighbours, were they in. Both sets of neighbours had gone out for the evening to enjoying the festive spirit of the New Year. He hoped they were enjoying themselves in their oblivious little world, as Phil’s was crashing down around him. Hamish started to try and get up from the slick grass, due to the whole commotion no one had noticed that he had blacked out for a while when he had hit the ground. He began clutching the back of his head, pain grimacing across his face. Phil’s eyes moved from Hamish to Sarah who looked frightened as she kept holding her hands over Dav’s wound. She looks so frightened, so does Becca. I am as well, how is it that I’m calmer than the others though? “Try again!” screamed Paulina at Adam. “It’s no use! It’s the same answer every time!” he replied. “Lets just try and calm down” I’m not calm though I’m freaking out. What am I talking about ‘I’m calmer than the others’ I’m shaking like a leaf! “Fighting won’t help the situation” said Phil trying to keep the focus on what mattered, Dav.

He heard a scream come from the garden and a shrill rushed through him. As he turned he could see Becca moving away from Dav who was convulsing on the ground. Sarah tried hopelessly to keep her hands on the wound but her hands slipped due to the blood pouring out of it onto the ground. Oh my God thought Phil as he rushed to help Sarah hold down Dav who was now violently shaking. “I’ll try again!” shouted Adam from the kitchen, fear and panic in his voice. Phil struggled hard to keep Dav from shaking so hard, what the hell is happening? Why is this happening? Oh my God he’s going to die “You’re going to be ok Dav!” As quick as his convulsion started they stopped and his voice became raspy and frail as he tried to speak. Nothing came out except a groan “Stay with us Dan!” shouted Adam from the kitchen, we’re losing him. Phil looked into Dav’s eyes which were glazing over and moving slowly, his eyelids starting to close over them he was so weak. “Any luck with the ambulance?” said Phil as Adam came through the patio doors; Adam shook his head with a grim look upon his face. “What are we going to do?” asked Phil a mix of concern and fear in his voice, but Adam didn’t answer him, he was looking down at Dav despair covering his face. Phil kept his eyes on Adam, “Phil?, Phil!” said Sarah. He looked at her and then down at Dav, his eyes were closed and he lay there motionless. He’s not gone; he’s just sleeping, resting his eyes, he can’t be dead…… There was a moment of silence as nobody said a word, but just stared at Dav’s dead body in disbelief.

Becca began to cry loudly and Phil looked into Sarah’s eyes, he could see tears beginning to form, she tried so hard to save him, she tried so hard…. Phil bowed his head in despair as his hand laid upon Dav’s lifeless body. It wasn’t till a few moments had passed that he felt his hand begin to move, but not of his own making…. It wasn’t till he looked up that he fully saw what was happening, at first faint and then…..stronger. Dav’s eyes opened slowly, his hands, once motionless, now began to move as life began to flow through them again. “He’s alive!” shouted Becca, hope and bewilderment in her voice. Phil felt the same rush come over him as well, He’s alive! He was resting, that’s all, resting! He smiled at Sarah who couldn’t believe what was happening either. Her smile quickly changed to horror as she kept looking at Dav’s face. He looked down and saw Dav looking straight at him, eyes as black as night fixated on Phil. Before he knew it Dav was rising up, mouth open, teeth bared, coming straight for Phil’s neck. Sarah and Becca rapidly moved back out of fright and instinct, Phil fell back slipping on the slick wet grass and skidded onto his back, Dav baring down on him. “Help me! Someone help me!” shouted Phil, but all were frozen at the sight of their friends reanimated corpse. Phil couldn’t believe the strength that he possessed, “Dav! Dav! It’s me! Stop it!” shouted Phil as his furiously tried to fight Dav off him. He’s so strong! It seemed like a life time before anything happened and he could feel his strength giving way.

He felt a whoosh of air flow over his face that was cold and mixed with the smell of Dav and blood. The last thing Phil saw was the blood soaked teeth of Dav coming closer and then disappearing in an instant, with a crack that sounded like a skull splitting. Phil stumbled to one knee, exhausted from fending off against Dav and gasping for breath. As he looked around he saw Adam standing over the Dav, beating him with a blood soaked rolling pin again and again until Dav’s skull caved in on itself with a loud crunch. The groans and unholy noises he had been making stopped and his body ceased to move at all as Adam pounded his head one more time. “What did you do!?” shouted Hamish from the kitchen, still holding the back of his head. It seemed he hadn’t come round as well as Phil had thought and was only now realising the situation which had unfolded. “What do you mean what have I done? Dav, or whatever that thing was, would have ripped Phil to pieces! I’m not just going to stand here and let that happen to my best mate!” said Adam. Phil looked at Becca, in all the struggle he had forgotten that both her and Sarah were close. She was crying on her knees on the blood soaked grass, So much blood thought Phil. “Are you ok?” she looks horrified “Becca?” Sarah moved around the corpse, somehow she had found the courage to shake off the fear and help her friend. “Becca, come inside, come on please Becca, we need to get you away from this” she said trying to pull her friend to her feet. The cold night air was starting to work its way into his bones turning his standing his hair on edge. “Phil, are you hurt?” asked Adam as he moved to pull him to his feet. Phil looked into the face of his friend and saw it washed with even more blood, he was still stunned by what had just happened and it shocked him all over again. How long has his face been like that? “Yeah……I’m ok, I think”. “Come on let’s go inside and lock the door” said Adam. They traversed the slick grass now even redder and wetter, trying to not fall like Hamish and almost doing so a few times. Once inside though they felt only marginally better, the adrenaline was beginning to wear off and what replaced it was fear. It was Hamish who started it first, “You killed him, you killed Dav”. “I didn’t do anything; you saw what he was like! It wasn’t him, he….he was different. That wasn’t Dav, you saw how much blood he lost, he died. And what came back was something else. And did I kill the other guy as well Hamish!? Should I have stopped when he tried to attack someone else?” “We don’t know what happened but all I know is that you killed him! Paulina saw just the same as me!” replied Hamish. “He was attacking Phil!” replied Adam. Phil himself had sat down on the sofa in the kitchen next to Sarah, his arm around her offering what little comfort his could. “You’ve got to say something” whispered Sarah as both of them could see the argument getting out of control. What can I say? Hamish is wrong; there is something different about this. Dav wasn’t….Dav. He stood up, “look guys if we continue to fight, it won’t get us anywhere, Hamish I don’t think your right, and you didn’t know what you were seeing when you fell over, and your still holding your head from that. I think we should try and call the police again, they have to pick up eventually” They have to, please God they have to. Both Adam and Hamish looked at Phil and seemed to be listening to what he was saying. He knew that they were sacred, they were all scared, and confused about the horror they had just witnessed. “Phil’s right, we have to try and ring the police. I have no idea if they will believe what has happened, but we have to tell them the truth. Where’s Paulina, she had the phone last” said Adam. They looked around the kitchen but couldn’t see her; Phil could have sworn she was there a moment ago. That’s when he heard the scream.

It was such a piercing scream that Phil could feel the horror in it as the noise sent shivers through his whole body. They quickly made their way to the kitchen door and as they flung it open saw the front door was unlocked and wide open. Oh no, did we lock it? I’m sure we locked it. Yes we locked it; Sarah locked it earlier when Adam came. It was definitely locked. A second scream came from outside and Hamish ran for the door, “wait Hamish! We don’t know what’s going on!” shouted Sarah in a feeble attempt to stop him, but it was too late. He had bounded out of the door before she could finish. Adam followed after giving Phil a look of concern and fear. This is madness. Phil was about to follow when Adam came hurtling through the door with a loud bang as it slammed against the wall. “Back! Back! Back!” he shouted at the group as moments later Hamish came into view fighting a losing battle with another creature that looked like Dav. Only this time there was more than just one that came into view moments later. The weight of this small horde of them came crashing down onto Hamish who went down with a yelp. He fell hard, landing halfway through the door as the creatures mercilessly descended on him. Phil watched in frozen horror as they bit into his flesh ripping red chunks out, pouring blood all over the hallway. The group could hear Hamish scream in agony as several mouths began to bite deep and hard into his flesh. Phil knew the situation was hopeless, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. “We have to go, now!” shouted Adam, “where!?” replied Phil fearfully. Adam quickly looked around, “Back! Back into the garden! We have to make a run for it!” The creatures were already starting to devour Hamish at a demonically carnivorous speed, some had already spotted the group and were starting to make moves towards them, black eyes fixed on their flesh. They made their way back through into the kitchen and Phil helped Adam slam the door shut, “Help me!” he shouted as he tried to move the fridge, which was nearby, to block the door. They both pushed it hard and the fridge came crashing down in front of the door not a moment too soon. It would slow them down they knew, but not stop them as the door began to be pounded by the dead clawing for the living. “We have to go through the neighbour’s garden! It’s the only way! Grab anything you can to break up the fence and to defend yourselves!” shouted Adam as dead hands began to appear through the crack in the door. The group hurriedly made their way into the garden and past the corpses of Dav and the man who had attacked him, carefully trying not to slip of the blood soaked grass. As they reached the back of the garden they stopped and Adam was about to take the first swing. “Wait! Are you sure about this?” said Becca “what if there are more of those things on the other side?” Adam looked at them all with fear in his eyes. “I’m not sure of anything. All I do know is that we are out of time, and its not safe here!”

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