When Leeches Meet Our Needles

Our problems are like leeches, piling up against our skin.

Eating us alive until our blood becomes thick.

We sometimes don’t see it as parasites, or healers in our mist.

But we take our needles to sew our skin at our own risks.

Our Leeches met our needles, since the day we learned to breath.

The evil we knew existed, and the angels we saw proceed.

We kept our needles waiting, till the leeches came to prey.

We are told to mend the scabs, and bruises from our leeches.

We are to let them live, and hope the blood slows down.

We all carry needles. Our confidence is thy skill.

The thread is our solution, to put together our hands.

These leeches can be tamed, these leeches can be caged. For our needles in our skins are traits to beat these sins.