Mega Discount up to 70% off at Discount Brand Factory Indore

DBF — Discount brand factory is the venture of Laxyo Group. Run and managed by the team of experienced professionals from the Indian retail management system working in the direction to serve quality shopping while it comes to Indian market.

Discount Brand Factory (DBF) offers revolutionizing value shopping by offering international brand franchise in India. One stop destination for the people searching for accessories, apparels, sportswear and many more branded products on discounted rates can reach to us. Make your shopping experience worth and unique with discount brand factory (DBF). Also, with the different occasion and festivals DBF offers and avails you with different offers and packages for shopping.

DBF aiming towards providing range of clothing accessories and Top clothing brands online in the process of becoming recognized fashion organization and brand factory franchise in India.

Considering of Indore’s public we are offering 70% discount on fashion apparels. We have new stocks of new trends clothes, shoes, jackets etc. All the products we have top brand like LEE, wrangler, Calvin Klein, Lotto, Mufti, etc. now a day’s fashion trends very popular in new generation we cares requirement of new generation everyone wants good looking so we have also started franchise services with top brand in electronics products like LED TV’s, Computers, Laptops, Music Systems, etc. our franchise stores located at Laxyo House, County Park, Plot №2, MR-5, Mahalaxmi Nagar, INDORE.

Franchising a New development Path for Businesses through Collaborative Efforts FDI Economic, Policy Changes, and Socio-Cultural Developments Key franchise business in India. Evolution of IT Enabled goods to Ease Lending to Franchising Industry franchise business success full in India, which has helped brands to grow up at a rapid scale and go through in the diverse markets.

Distributorship opportunities in India

Franchises can help you succeed in business with their proven promotions, training, business models, as well as support.
 1. You must do your examine on franchise business in MP with an outstanding track record of successes.
 2. Ensure you have personally visited at a few Franchisees yourself and experienced their offerings.
 3. Research sufficiently to ascertain that Products and Services have high likely hood of success in your city.
 4. Meet company officials and know more about the franchise business, tools and support provided by them.
 5. Finally, have a full understanding of budget and margins that you will have to share with the principals.