Painting Pictures

As my trip gets closer, 10 days exactly, I get scared. It’s the first time that i will be alone for two full months, but i’ve said this before. For those of you who read me, you know i’m going there hoping to find myself, to fix the broken pieces, discover the unknown. But seeing it as fixing myself and leaving in an unknown world alone makes it very scary.

I’ve found a way to make it seem less scary.

I tried imaginating it as a business trip instead of a solo, soul-searching packpacking trip to Asia. Instead, as being a solo businesswoman. For some reason business people always seem so confident and look like they know where they’re going. Picturing myself as going on a business trip gets me a little closer to the idea of feeling like a businesswoman. Im also an undergraduate business student myself. Both are basically the same, here’s why.

You meet new people, clients, partners. Some that will stay for life and others that will pass.

You go into different meetings, make plans. Stick to them, abandon others.

You also get good contracts and bad ones. Some from which you learn your mistakes.

You go meeting the unknown in a way that broadens your views, opinions. You also find new ways of working.

By painting the picture of a business trip, for some reason, makes it feel just a little less scary..