The Trip of a Lifetime

The following post was written in June 2015 on the last night of my trip in Europe. My bestfriend and I had just separated as she was going back to France and I was going back home to Canada. It was the first time I was alone in an unknown city, but it was also the moment that I realized that travelling opened my eyes to a whole lot of things. Since I came back, I took a few steps back, however. My insecurities have come back to haunt me. Therefore, I will be leaving to Asia early 2016, alone this time. For me, travelling is sort of an alternative to seeing a psychiatrist, just more expensive. It’s like a therapy but there’s no one to help you but yourself. You’ll eventually how it goes for me later on. For now, here are the highlights of my 2015 eurotrip.

The trip of a lifetime.
As i stand alone in a Czech restaurant enjoying a beer before i leave back home tomorrow. I bring alot of baggage with me. First of all, i would have never decided to go eat alone in a restaurant three weeks ago. Neither would have I had the guts to leave the airport back to the city between two flights and find a hostel to stay in without my bestfriend to be there as moral. My first plan was to sleep in the airport for twelve hours. Today, I decided I wanted to wander in the city, alone, one last time before i leave. This may seem like nothing, but three weeks ago i was scared to do anything alone. Three weeks later, i feel more confident about myself. I love myself a little bit more and i am now accepting the fact that being alone sometimes is important. I leave behind me the old Jenn, the one that was insecure and scared. I bring back to Canada a Jenn that is ready to fight anything that comes her way because trust me, she’s been through a lot of shit on this trip. But mostly, she’ll also know that she will meet people on her path that will come and go, and that she needs to accept it and let them go. Finally, I have learned that true friends remain and will always be by your side. If they dont want to join your party, they shouldn’t be invited in the first place.
I say cheers, to this amazing Czech beer and to this memorable trip.
Here are a few of the best and worst moments of my trip:
-Getting an eye infection and trying to fight with other patients at the emergency in another language in order to get appointment.
-Being put in sedation by injection in a club emergency because i was too drunk.
-Meeting amazing people and seeing amazing places.
-Attending the sickest parties.
-Partying 4 nights in a row.
-Biking across vienna.
-Coming out of the subway exit to discover a canal filled with people and music, and joining the party with backpacks still on.
-Fighting with my bestfriend and getting over it.
-Going to the waterslides in Budapest and becoming a child again.
-Learning to find my way on a map (I truly am horrible at it).
-Learning about myself.
-Realizing that getting drunk is not always the answer (still working on that).
-Dealing with issues back home and trying to remain calm about it.
-Panicking over the fact that i may not get back to Prague on time for my next flight because of a misunderstanding with my booking.
-Making new friends.
-Learning to be alone.
-Learning that truth always, always finds its way.
Those are only a few. But the memories are much greater. Thank you, Fred, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, and all of you that brought me this.
“The shortest way to yourself is around the world”