Are You Interested or Committed

“There is a difference between commitment and interest . When you are interested in doing something, you do it when circumstances permit. When you are committed, you accept no excuses, only results.” Art Turock

The question to you is: “are you interested or committed to attaining internal peace and reaching your fullest potential?” Your answer is very important and will determine your success. As the quote above accurately puts it when you are interested in doing something you do it when circumstances permit. I would put it another way. You do it when you get around to it and should something else “pop” up then you drop it or put it on the back burner and attend to the other thing. A person is usually easily distracted from doing the things that they are interested in, unless there is commitment.

You can achieve anything with commitment

According to Webster’s dictionary commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Whereas the definition of interest is: “the feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.” When you are committed to doing or achieving something you put greater effort into what you want to accomplish because of that dedication. Your actions are planned. It becomes more difficult for you to become distracted by anyone or anything and so you are able to achieve your goals.

Savor the victory by having commitment

I am not suggesting that you will not encounter challenges and problems along the way. As long as you remain committed to your goals; to whatever it is that you want then you will be successful. You will overcome the challenges. It is only when you are committed that you will feel ownership. From the definition above interest is a feeling; it is when something gets your attention but it only lasts for a while because there is no dedication.

A very important thing you need to do to help you remain committed is to create a plan. A plan removes confusion as it is like a road map that shows you how to reach your goal. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Without commitment you will give up

When I was a teenager I saw a group of karate students performing a demonstration breaking wood and bricks and executing maneuvers that really impressed me. I decided there and then I wanted to be able to do those things and I made a commitment to become a black belt. In just over two years I achieved my black belt because of that commitment. I would practice my karate seven days per week. Within a year I became an adroit karateka and would diminish wood and bricks to rubble with my bare hands.


On the other hand from my teen years I was always interested in becoming a tennis player; today I can “proudly” say that I am still interested in becoming a tennis player having never pursued the sport vigorously. I was always easily distracted from playing tennis because of a lack of commitment to the sport.

The next principle you want to embrace is getting rid of the distractions that threaten the achievement of your goals. For example if there are people around you that discourage you from going after your dreams then you need to part company with them. If you indulge in activities that take lots of your time but you accomplish little or nothing; then you need to stop that activity and reassign that time to achieving your goal. What a big difference this will make in your life.

I could have made it here if only I was committed

Do you find that you seldom or never get to finish the things you started? Are you having difficulty in keeping that important relationship vibrant and effervescent? What about that promotion you were working so hard to get? Maybe the reason you are not accomplishing these things is because of your lack of commitment. Yes, you would like to have them, they interest you, but are you committed to achieving and maintaining them?

After you have achieved your goals you need to continue with that commitment. Continue maintaining and keeping the things you sought hard after. Many people have lost what they achieved due to not keeping their commitment and focus alive after getting what they wanted.

This principle of commitment can be used in all areas of your life including your commitment to achieving internal peace. So today make that choice to move from just being interested to being committed and you will see how great your life will change.

Remember to

· Create a plan and

· Eliminate the distractions from your life

Implementing these two principles will help you to reach your fullest potential. Make these principles a part of your everyday life now. Knowledge is only useful when you are using it.

“There’s no abiding success without commitment” — Tony Robbins.