Introducing HypeCast — connecting podcasts and brands

Before podcasts were mainstream, radio was the main source of audio content. Consumers were hooked onto their favorite radio talk shows to listen to hosts analyzing the performance of their favorite sports team. Listeners would tune in everyday at the same time to listen to the latest edition of their favorite radio show.

Entire families would crowd around one of these

Thus, airtime on the radio was a treasured commodity for advertisers. A 60 second ‘spot’ of airtime could sell for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars depending upon the time of day. It was an amazing way for advertisers to reach a large, targeted audience.

Around the 1980’s, audio blogging started to take shape. These audio blogs eventually became the podcasts we know and love, around 2004. Even then, radio reached more people than all podcasts combined. However, since then, podcasts have steadily grown both in number, and reach.

Today, 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Podcasts have enabled the creation of niche communities which are incredibly valuable for brands and advertisers.


As podcast adoption grew, more and more listeners tuned in to their favorite show on-demand. However, podcasting was still cumbersome and expensive. Only the most passionate could spend money on expensive equipment and spend hours editing their episode, until Anchor reinvented podcasting. Through their easy to use interface they simplified the three pain points in podcasts — recording, editing, and hosting.

Today, anyone can start their own podcast using Anchor and build their micro-communities around a particular topic. This is a potential gold mine for advertisers.

Introducing HypeCast, a simple service to connect advertisers and podcasts. Podcasters get to monetize their content and advertisers get to hype their brand in front of a targeted audience. Our goal is to make these connections faster and simpler.

How it works

Podcasts simply go on our website and add themselves to our database and give us some general information about the podcast and their listeners. Similarly, brands can share their requirements on our website and we will find them the perfect podcasts from our database. The process is designed to be as simple as possible. The best part is that both podcasts and brands can pay what they want for HypeCast.

If you are a small business or brand looking for an effective way to reach a targeted audience, sign up on our website and we will find you the perfect podcast for your brand. On the other hand, if you have a podcast you are passionate about, sign up for our database here.

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