If You’re Making Art Alone, You’re Doing It Wrong
Evan Sheehan

Evan, absolutely love your work. Good read, I’ve really found it to be such a difficult social structure to learn (collaboration), and it intimidated me for so long. But like anything, we learn over time and become more comfortable in certain environments the more we’re exposed to them. I have a lot of fun now working with people and trying not to set any expectations on what the outcome will look like, being open to the serendipity of their own little creative flavor is really such a pleasure. I think it speaks to a greater life lesson in the unhealthiness of having expectations for others. And it turns out, people respond really well creatively to affirmation and positivity. Putting them in creative cages and unrealistic expectations and following that with negativity when they aren’t met is the fastest way to kill a project and hurt an artist’ growth. Community truly is the greatest resource any of us have, and we have to be incredibly careful to preserve and give back to it.