7 Books That Will Change Your Life

Add to your list books that will inspire you and change your mindset. These books will teach you or remind wise things.

Turning Pro — by Steven Pressfield

This book motivates to change the mind and get out of the comfort zone. “Turning pro” engages to take adventure within yourself and find your power. It describes that when we have ambition and react according to it, we follow our soul and can really realize the potential. Book teaches to be professional and to develop right habits.

The author advises not to run from the obligation or the calling. Also, he emphasizes not to pay attention to the unimportant things that distract us. After these advices, the life will be simpler and easier, with true sense.

Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience — by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The author is a positive psychologist that proclaims that we can achieve more meaningful lives through the optimal experience. It means to do what you really like for the fulfillment. Book describes deep concentration on your values and harmony in thoughts and actions.

Csikszentmihalyi reflects about a quality and interpretation of life. He motivates to look for the pleasant things that will promote the growth. We need to estimate our development and search the feedback to see the progress.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

It is a bestseller that will help you to find things that prevent you from reaching your goals. Steven Pressfield motivates us not to use procrastination and change our lives. Do what we can do at this moment. He advises not to judge other people and search the reasons why we do it.

Many successful people like this quote and they use this principle in their lives and every time they get great results: “The more scared we are of a work or calling, the surer we can be that we have to do it”. It means that we need to overcome the resistance and believe in the importance of this activity. Also, the book teaches to be professional and not to allow other people to define the reality.

The Alchemist — by Paulo Coelho

The author advises to follow your dreams and believe that everything is possible. There is interesting quote: “Travel the world until you see that our castle is the greatest, and our women the most beautiful”.

Book describes that the world helps us to get what we wish, so it is important to dream. This novel is very positive and inspiring. It has many useful lessons and impressive thoughts.

Awaken The Giant Within — by Anthony Robbins

The book focuses on the personal development and helps to manage the life. He motivates to live with passion, to make the right decision and to change the beliefs that prevent you. Antony Robbins describes neuro-linguistic programming and how we can change our vocabulary to attract right things in the life. The author is a good businessman and he shares his business experience as well.

As a Man Thinketh — by James Allen

The book emphasizes that we have an opportunity to change our character and describes the power of the thoughts. The author shares the stories how different people have defeated the diseases and death. Book teaches to be careful in what we believe and to align the thoughts with our principles.

Mastery — by Robert Greene

“Mastery” leads people to become geniuses. The author motivates to work on our goals, he describes many interesting biographies famous people to encourage the readers. Book engages us to learn from the other experts and find a balance. Also, we have to keep our mind open to making connections between different things.

All these books make us think about the life and how we can change it. The authors reflect about the happiness and how to achieve it. Books motivate us to do what we like, be the professionals and follow our dreams. They ensure that everything is possible and open the secrets how to manage the life in a smart way, change the mindset first of all. This reading teaches not to run from the obligation or the calling. Also, it emphasizes not to pay attention to the unimportant things that distract us.

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