Making the impossible possible: motivational stories and thoughts

This article is a book review “Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible” by Regina Brett. She is the New York Times bestselling author.

The book includes inspirational stories from people that attached the author’s life. About those people who make a big difference at that place where they are. Regina Brett shares her experience and useful lessons to encourage the readers to believe that they may change the world, starting from the small things, to be the miracle for someone.


“Be the miracle” fits to read on the road or in a small coffee house with special atmosphere. Also, you may read it at home or anywhere you want, the main thing is to be ready to enjoy the reading, believe in miracles and share your motivation with other people.

I was most impressed by the thoughts about the secret of life, the happiness: to value more time than money, riding in a car with an open roof, tasty coffee and a trip to the ocean, horseback riding in the rain, try something new and one day be lazy and don’t do anything, hire an assistant, thank a teacher, be persistent and so on. The small things that make our lives unforgettable. The secret of life is the awareness that your dreams will come true with your efforts, to listen to your heart and believe in yourself, do what you want and feel free.

Useful lessons

The first lesson is “Start where you are” and the author assures that we are enough big or small and have the appropriate size to change something. She describes the story about the kidnapping and how one journalist and a seller helped to find the criminal. They did their best at work and have changed little girl and her family lives. Ordinary people can make miracles for someone and be helpful.

The eighth lesson is “Adjust your own oxygen mask before helping others, or you’ll be of no use to anyone — including you”. It means that we need to care about our health, manage our emotions, spend time in a pleasant way to relax, do sport and forget bad developments, let them go.

There are all the answers deep inside you. It is important to leave a place for the intuition and pay attention to our thoughts, wishes, and feelings. Maybe they provide us with the big insight that will change our lives in a better way.

Carry as you climb.” This rule reminds us to help others when we go ahead or climb. The book includes a story about one woman, named Monica, who helps women to open up good potential in them. She made “business- pedicure” as an opportunity for the business women to have nice conversations.

Be original. Forge your own path.” Love your development and growth process because you are an unfinished project. Let yourself be creative and keep calm when you hear criticism from people. Follow your heart and your dreams and these people will ask you advice in the future.

To be a channel of peace, you have to stay open”. The world has many possibilities when you stay open. We may meet a very valuable person for us or be a valuable person.

The world needs your Yes!” It means to enjoy each day and each moment. To notice good things and be thankful for that.

“Believe in abundance”. Regina Brett wrote about one woman that called in the newspaper office and asked her to write the article about the women’s daughter that needs special expensive conditions and cure to survive. She published the article but worried that gave the false hope to this family. But after the article one man have paid to help this girl.

Comfort the sick. When everyone else flees, be the one who stays.” The book’s author is a cancer survivor and she knows how to support the sick person. She teaches not to judge this person, share the only positive story and support the way that sick chose to treat. Also, keep in touch, do concrete suggestions to help, do good things for those who help diseased.

This book changes our interpretation the life. We aimed to help other people and be the miracle for others. It will fulfill us and bring happiness. Also, we need to care about our health and look for the happiness in small things. The secret of life is the awareness that your dreams will come true with your efforts, to listen to your heart and believe in yourself, do what you want and feel free.

The author encourages us that we may change something where we are. When ordinary people do their best at work, they can make miracles for someone and be helpful. We have to like our development and growth process because we are the unfinished projects. The book teaches us how to help the sick people as well. The motivational lessons will provide you with deep insight into our mission and joyful moments that we have every day.

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