Robin Sharma “The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO”

This article based on the book Robin Sharma “The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO”. He is the author of the bestseller “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. In the introduction he wrote: “No matter how many material possessions I gathered, the man I saw in the bathroom mirror every morning was the same — I wasn’t any happier and didn’t feel any better.” The main character felt emptiness but then he met 3 coaches that have changed his life.

The surfer

The three coaches are the saint, the surfer, and the CEO. I want to start with the surfer’s lessons because they were the most important for me. He says: “When you see things from a higher perspective, you can see that seemingly unrelated things are actually related.” It helps to see things anew. Each happening in our life is a part of a plan that has a goal to teach us and develop necessary skills.

He reminds not to take things seriously and sometimes just to dance. The surfer Moe teaches about the illusion of the happiness that we will not get by achieving something. Happiness is inside, not outside. He motivates us to awaken and open up our hearts to the life, be present at the moment and observe the situation. The surfer says that all answers are in our heart and we will get the respond when we calm. He tells about the importance of our thoughts and their power.

We discover ourselves in the relationships with the other people. Also, we need to look for the harmony in which our heart and mind have to work together. People must enjoy the place where they are because there is a reason why they are here.

People try to be busy to look important. But it is an illusion. We need to be more mindful and practice self-love. We have to learn to be kind to ourselves and it will be easier to love other people.

There is an unusual philosophy where a pain is a gift. The setbacks make us wiser and more experienced. We may let our past serve us and nothing to regret.


He says that the quality of our lives depends on of our choices.We have not to compare ourselves with others and recognize our own potential and we all may be great. We free to pick up our attitude that builds our life and success as well.

The CEO motivates to have bigger thoughts and to develop useful habits as well. He describes love as a business tool that we need to build relationships with our clients, partners, and co-workers. Of course, to collaborate with your family member. People have to trust you and you will be a successful person.

Our lives consist of pleasant conversations and they play a big role. We need to show other people that we value and care about them. It brings fulfillment for us and really great material success. On our path have the meaning 3 things: 1) Did I live wisely? 2) Did I love well? 3) Did I serve greatly?

He teaches the important law: “And when you serve, do it without any expectation of reward. If you help another person at work, whether it’s coming to the aid of a colleague trying to learn a new computer process or serving a customer by dazzling her with your willingness to ensure your product is exactly what she needs, do it for the pure joy of giving. Giving with the intention of receiving really isn’t giving, it’s trading — and people can sense that. Give to genuinely help, and act like a servant leader. That’s how you’ll grow to greatness. “

The saint

He says that our life is a journey. We have to grow by our experience. “Keep repeating the mistakes of the past until the pain becomes so great that we have no choice but to change.” The events and people promote our growth.

We have to learn more give, let go egoism, support others. The person who has good inside will see the good things in others. We must be less critical and more accepting.

Self-discovery may be a fun adventure and each person has a mission on the planet. Human exploration has no end… We have to be unique and not to try fitting somebody’s expectations. People need to eliminate the fear of their own light.

Sometimes we have to reassess our own values to move forward. We can’t be the same that we were yesterday. The life demands new tools and new skills.

Each person needs deep changes from time to time. We have to get the answers and to understand ourselves and our soul what it wants. People need to find the connection with our true nature. The time for the silence is an important part of our life. It’s normal to make mistakes and to learn from them.

We have to remember that our life is short and limited. So, focus on the really valuable things.

This book motivates to reassess our full life and love more each person on our path. It makes us calm about incomprehensible events and to let our past serve us. The coaches help to value people and the relationships with them, even in the business to use love as a business strategy. When people know that we care about them, they really appreciate that. These lessons remind us that everything is possible and there is something good in each person. Also, it is important to know that the happiness is inside, not outside.

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