Top 10 Amazing (Somewhat Terrifying) Facts about AI

Scientists developed bots smarter than people to reach social and commercial objectives. Robots may learn and recover like people, predict and write as well. Artificial intelligence never ceases to amaze us.

The majority of the artificial intelligence has the female voice

For example, Iphone’s adjutant Siri. It may be because this kind of work is associated with women. Somebody thinks that reason is that female voice is very pleasant and people like it. The third reason is that scientists and programmers find women really beautiful and want to make bots also attractive. Some scientists think that female AI would be less formidable.

Some scientists think that female AI would be less formidable

Nowadays Siri’s voice may be both genders as well. A disembodied voice is female in most cases but humanoid often gets the male form, said the author of the book “An Anthropology of Robots and AI: Annihilation Anxiety and Machines”. Female humanoids developed as very attractive and young women. The famous Japanese roboticist made humanoid based on his daughter data appearance. Also was developed a series of female bots employee for the hotel. Fembots are used in the literature and movies.

Artificially intelligent pets

AI driven pets were invented to avoid such negative factors as: need to clean up after them and fix what they have destroyed, mortality factor and they can be sick and you have to cure them. But bots-pets get older too with more slow skills than they had earlier. They had a personality and you may remote manage them without the responsibilities to feed them.

. Pets will be available for people with great prosperity

These pets understand voice commands and know how to react. Nowadays they are common in Western countries and become popular in developed Asian society. Pets will be available for people with great prosperity.

Machines became natural as real cat or dog and simplify their keeping. Sometimes people so love their AI pets that recognize them as a family member.

The wide growth of these pets was caused by the urbanization factor. They are helpful tech achievement to people with allergic to pets or scared of a real animal. AI pets in 2050 will be more popular kind of pets than live animals.

AI can repair itself

For example, bots may rebuild itself by using the algorithm in an experimental way to find the cause of problems and how to fix it.

This ability reminds human possibilities to restore. The computer applies a pool of systems to duplicate its equivalent of instructions several times. Bentley’s team is improving the software to the possibility for their cars to self-repairing. Self-healing bots will play a big role in our daily life.

Artificial intelligence can write

AI has the ability to create articles and we already have some reports made by bots. Larry Birnbaum has developed this technology when bots turn data into figures, and then into the story. He has a goal to adapt robots to write more complicated things like screenplays and novels.

Nowadays this capability is used for generating political speeches. Valentin Kassarnig of the University of Massachusetts Amherst applied the n-grams approach, which focuses on assaying sequences of words or phrases.

AI can play in poker as well

Artificial intelligence named Claudico is the very good poker player with the ability to bluff and plays with no mistakes. He has so benefited from the lack of human needs and he could play 80 000 hands within two weeks. Nowadays online AI coaches appeared that lead you to success in poker.

Scientists said that the same principle may be useful for other goals, such as airport security or the military wireless communication. Experts believe that in 2020 bots will overcome the best poker players in the world.

Romantic relationships with AI

Love between humans and bots will be legal

Some people believe that by 2050 marriages between humans and bots will be legal.

AI can learn

Experts made AI systems that learn like people but faster. They decided to make program learning framework that converted visual concepts to understandable information for artificial intelligence. Also, they changed handwritten letters into the code and may create new examples of these letters.

For instance, there are AI system that self-educate to play Afari 2600 games. Also, United States Army’s android studied how to cook from videos.

Bots will become smarter than people

AI solved the problem in 2014 that people can’t: math Erdos discrepancy problem.


This artificial intelligence has predictive skills. The computer dissected the mood of the news emphasizing the cases and locations of the words such as ‘terrible’ or ‘good’ (automated sentence mining) to convert them into geographical coordinates.

Nautilus has forecasted the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya after they have happened. AI is developed now to predict in the present.

The Apocalypse

Bill Gates, Steven Hawking, Elon Musk think that artificial intelligence may threaten by probability to lose control under machines. There is a theory that bots will destroy the entire human population.

We figured out top 10 terrifying facts, but everything can change according to fast growing software possibilities.

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