Do you ever feel like you need to take a dump because you have this pain in your stomach. You realize that you did it in the morning and wonder why are you having it now. The pain is so bad that waiting for a while is not in your to do list. The first thing you want to do is locate the nearest washroom and get your business done.

When you are there on the toilet seat, ready for a successful transaction, you squeeze you lower abdomen and realize that it was a fart. It was a fart playing poop. A fart that you could have easily squeezed out of your ass, through your pants, into the atmosphere without the slightest of guilt. You are disappointed because the fart misled you and got the privilege of getting delivered on a toilet seat, where only the turds have the right to be dropped.

Now what you do? Like the cheap bastard you are, you try to make the situation a little meaningful. You try hard, squeezing your abdomen to get a little shit out of your asshole. You do so to feel better about yourself that you were not fooled by a fart. But nothing comes out, remember, you did it in the morning.

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