Hey everyone, today I found an awesome plugin that lets you generate flutter code from your XD design.

Yes, you heard it right we will be generating flutter code using Adobe XD. So let's get started and know more about this plugin, without wasting time.

At first, I will like to thanks 🎊 the creator of this plugin 👨🏻‍💻 Giovani Lobato and request him to add more flexibility to this plugin. You can check out this opensource plugin made by Giovani Lobato on GitHub.

Let's move ahead and see what we need to get started.

Recently Flutter announced it's on CodePen. In this post, I will be sharing some awesome Designs, Animations, and examples to try online on CodePen. Trying Flutter online without any IDE is now much easier with CodePen, Just log on to https://codepen.io/flutter and enjoy.

Animation Examples

1. Gooey edge —by gskinner

2. Paris Travel Hero Animation —by gskinner

3. Product Zoom —by gskinner

4. The Clock of Clocks —by Egor Belibov

5. Parallax mouse hover effect —by Mariano Zorrilla

5. Light effect by Mariano Zorrilla

6. Twitter Clone by Mariano Zorrilla

There is more to explore its just a beginning with CodePen hope to see more and more such contributions by Flutter community.

Thanks for reading this blog if you want to showcase your work, please contact me on my social media handles or just drop an email with the subject…

Firebase provides an easy way to send notifications to your Android or iOS devices using device token or by subscribing to topics.

Sending notification from python using Firebase API is quite easy if you follow these steps:

  1. Get your server key (You can get your server key in your Firebase console)
  2. Device Token
  3. Python set up on your local machine
  4. Install the “requests” module

Install the “requests” module by running


Replace the device token key with the device Token for which you want to send push notification. …

Google has always been concerned about security and has always trying to provide secure services. Researchers have discovered a new malware(Trojan) by the name of “Joker”. This Trojan is spyware and it has been found linked to 24 different applications on the Google Play store with approx above 472000* downloads in total.

“This Joker Trojan employs notably stealthy tactics to perform quite malicious activities on Google Play Store while hiding within the advertisement frameworks and not exposing too much of its malicious code out in the open,” said researcher Aleksejs Kuprins in his reports.

This Trojan is designed to download…

Google Play Developer Console

Today Android applications are very basics need for every business or startups. Everyone wants to have their own presence among the android market and android being such a big market its good choice to be targeted by every startup.

Sometimes it gets difficult to full-fill some requirements if you are not from a technical background. You don't know how these things work and need to go through them on your own with the help of internet.

So, let's discuss how to set up a google play developer account from scratch if you don't know anything about it.

How to Set-up Your Google Play Developer Account?

It's very simple…

Majority of users download an application and they want to interact quickly with the application, especially in the case of productivity tool or social network application. A lot of applications provide great UI but UX is also much important if you are trying to attract new users.UX can be improved by making the application entry process easy by letting them sign-in in just one tap.

One of the easist way to let users sign-in in just one tap by enabling the social login in your application.

Most of the application lets users sign-in with their Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…

Its always better to interact face to face rather than a textual conversation it creates a powerful impact on the second person. Similarly, modern applications are also evolving by creating next-generation features like having more and more way to let users interact with each other.

Mobile apps are now developed with an integrated voice or video calling facility which enables users to interact easily. Letting users decide their way of interaction retains more user base for any application.

Flutter is trending in the market so we will try to explore such feature of video and voice calling in flutter using…

Part II

Hi Readers! This article is a continuation of my previous article on integration of “Payment gateway with the stripe”. As promised in my last article that I will implement the stripe with customer card information saved for future transactions. Before starting the article let me show you the topics we will cover in this article.

Topics we will cover:

  1. Creating a stripe card token(covered in previous blog PART I, if you are new please refer to Part 1)
  2. Creating customer with stripe API
  3. Adding a card to the existing customer
  4. Get customer data from Stripe API
  5. Charge customer with card added to his account

Nowadays more and more people prefer not wasting their time in physical shopping trips, & otp, instead prefer to buy things or services online right from the comfort of their own home. It means that every merchant aims to increase their sale by integrating the online payment gateway.

As a developer integrating the payment gateway on the first attempt is not quite easy, sometimes without any knowledge of the flow of how the payment gateway works and how the customer can be charged. Payment gateway API docs are good but not enough to understand the exact flow to get started…

Score Counter App

State Management in flutter is a very hot topic and we have various way to manage the state according to the requirements. One of the state management art in flutter is using ScopedModel and in today we are going to talk about that.

Before we begin…

Let us know something about ScopedModel…

ScopedModel is a third party package that is maintained by Brian Egan and Andrew Wilson.

Ravi Shankar Singh

Mobile Application Developer https://about.me/itsravishankarsingh

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