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We’re all familiar with ad blocking and and age-restrictive filtering technologies in personal web browsing. But never before have businesses been able to filter out TV content that they deem “bad for business”. That was the case until today.

It’s Relevant TV has developed the aptly named “Trump Block” allowing business owners to block all Trump coverage from their TVs. They recently released this video on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to announce today’s launch:

TRUMP BLOCK from It’s Relevant TV (60 Second Video)

Trump Block is not designed to be anti-Trump, but rather pro-business.

“Regardless of their personal feelings towards Trump, business owners need to take a hard look at how coverage of him may affect consumer feelings and behavior. It’s obvious that people who don’t support him don’t want to see him, but his supporters are equally frustrated by the negativity they see in most coverage.” -Jonathan Krackehl, CEO It’s Relevant TV

It’s Relevant TV distributes national news stories about President Donald Trump every day he’s in the news. What separates the service from other networks is that it now allows business owners to block it if they want to. Why have programming that creates gloomy feelings inside your business? Until today business owners didn’t have much of a choice, it was all or nothing. There was no TV option available that was up to date and informative without potentially showing something that could upset customers.

It’s Relevant TV with keyword blocking allows them to do what they’ve wanted to do all along: show TV programming to keep customers entertained, while blocking out things that may cause controversy or negative feelings. Businesses of all types including medical offices, restaurants, salons, car dealerships, residential communities and entertainment hubs are using the service today. The service replaces cable/satellite television with custom channels that feature the ability to block out all Trump coverage.

TVs are a great way to keep customers informed or entertained, and most business owners will tell you just that. However, the double-edged cost of this convenience comes to light when something like the 2016 election happens. A story so all-encompassing that coverage on the subject saturates the news — and even bleeds into talk shows, comedies, and pop culture.

What was once meant to be informative and interesting becomes annoying, and frustrating. And when that something is as big as Donald Trump, you can’t escape it. It’s there when you get coffee in the morning. It’s there when you’re passing stores in the street. It’s on the radio when you go to work, and it could even be in the office itself.

Trump Block is a widely applicable block across the industries and locations It’s Relevant TV serves but is not the only block available. Locations are able to automatically block out their competitors, politics as a whole, and even specific items like non-kosher foods.


Building business through television, It’s Relevant, LLC creates custom television networks for businesses and public spaces across the United States. Focused on quality video programming and integrated promotional tools, the networks attract viewers of all ages. The service is uniquely designed to bring each business up-to-date television programming that focuses on the interests of their customers. Business owners have control over what types of programs are shown and are able to filter out any topics or keywords that they feel may hurt their business environment.

Also built into the company’s proprietary non-looping playback engine are a host of digital messaging and real-time social media display tools, carefully designed to encourage interaction while keeping the hosting location’s reputation management in mind.

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