Movies. Why?

“What is it about making movies that you love so much” he asked. I, along with many other film connoisseurs get asked on a daily basis why we enjoy putting in months of work into a project that typically ends up becoming a 1–2 hour product that is viewed by a variety of people. The answer is, to me at least, is creativity.

We, as filmmakers have the opportunity to create something that is only possible in our minds, until executed into a script, followed by physical craftsmanship creating such vision. We have the ability to take an idea, often a dream to some, and make it a reality.

Everyone in the world loves watching movies; it’s a way to escape from the world and join another world, a world that takes you on an enticing experience. The pure gratification in having people watch something that you made with the power of your own mind, is everything in itself.

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a film director ever since I was 17 years old. I’ve always had an odd way of thinking towards certain situations. I always look at experiences in life and relate them to movies. I often think of movies as a big metaphor for life. A film has everything life has, a director (yourself), a crew of people (your friends), drama, comedy, character development, and life changing events which often change someones attitude towards life and how they tackle it. Another thing that I love about being in film is that it allows introverted people (me) to speak their minds through a medium where they can indirectly communicate with the outside world.

If you are or wish to pursue a career in film or any other creative field, just do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are unable to acheive greatness and success. I continue to have a great support system around me who guide and help me everyday to help me become better and better. Let your thoughts and ideas speak. You never know what you can create.



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