Where Are All The Young Entrepreneurs?
Zak Slayback

I don’t think it’s just the education system. For me, there’s a few other factors that contribute to this. I know people that have made idiotic decisions about how they manage their time and their money. They’ve done risky, stupid things that have left them with nothing but the clothes on their back. Nobody that knows them tries to help them or lend them money. I have second guessed myself multiple times about pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur because I’ve been surrounded by these people for all my life. I’m afraid that I’ll make a wrong decision and lose everything that I’d worked so hard for.

It’s not just the schools’ faults. My parents taught me from an early age to work towards stability. They taught me that debt is bad and that I shouldn’t take risks. They told me to take the path that was more clear. They taught me that it would be easier and that I would have no regrets. “Go to college, get a job, and retire when you’re old. That’s what you’re going to do.” They planned out a stable path that would work perfectly for the me they wanted me to be.

So overall, it’s a lot of things contributing to this. When you have a dream and differ from the well-worn path that has been proven to work well, people will hate you. They’ll tell you that in a few years, you’ll be working in a McDonald’s because dreams never come true. Just work in a job you’ll hate for 20–30 years, and when retirement comes, there’s a slight sliver of a chance that you might be happy. Most millennials listen to these people. They’ve been taught to respect authority and listen to those around them. Their schools, their parents, their friends all force them to conform. And the sad thing is, there’s not much these young people can do about it.

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