3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Blog

Whether you’re an e-commerce company or not, it has become an unavoidable truth that websites are crucial to attract customers. If you’re an e-commerce, this is quite obvious. But even for companies that do not directly sell their products through their website, it is an important lead generation and customer acquisition tool.

Whether you’re a small neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant, or a B2B software service, you probably have a website, with an overview of your products/services, your company’s background and contact information, and likely also a BLOG, which is the main focus of today’s article.

If used well, blogs are a powerful tool to boost your company’s sales. The direct goal of a blog should always be to offer the highest quality content related to your business and target customer groups. In turn, this has the potential to generate more sales for your company through different mechanisms:

  • First, high quality blog posts about relevant topics that exhibit your company’s knowledge are great drivers of trust in your brand. For instance, if you’re a smoothie bar, you could write a blog article about each of your smoothies, exhibiting its health benefits and why visitors should try that smoothie or make it at home. This shows knowledge, and therefore will create trust in your brand, and generate interest
  • Second, your blog is also a great channel to educate your customers and potential customers, and give them actionable tips. If you do this well, you can become the authority/reference in your area of business. To take the same smoothie bar example again, you could think about reviewing and comparing different mixers, presenting the advantages of buying your fruit at the market, etc.
  • Last but not least, high quality and relevant blog posts help you rank better on search engines (hello, Google), and help your website be found more easily by customers searching for related information/products. As such, blogs are a useful SEO tool. Since SEO is a crucial long-term strategy to generate traffic to your website and increase your sales, this explains why so many websites today keep a blog

Even though you can use your blog to openly promote your brand, it is recommended not to push this. If anything, it has to be in a smooth and objective way, otherwise nobody will read your blog. For a blog strategy to be successful, you need to create and share genuinely qualitative content that speaks to your target audience.

Especially as an SME with limited resources, it might difficult to find the time every week to write one or more blog articles, and post them on your website. That is completely understandable. Luckily, you can decide to outsource your content-writing to certain companies, leaving you with articles that are ready to post.

Even if you believe it is not yet a top priority for your business today, keep it in mind. Never forget that SEO is a long-term strategy that you should start yesterday, and not tomorrow!

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