Here are the important marketing strategies to get 101% potential leads for your clinic and hospital.

Sumit Chauhan
3 min readOct 10, 2022


In recent moments every individual is struggling to push themselves above the competition, as well many people don’t believe in such strategies and some others put their heads in the sand like an ostrich because there are so many IT companies to experiment with your business.

But according to a recent report from Google, their algorithm has generated a list that indicates some major points and it is very important to apply in every business. For instance, 78% of online users prefer to first complete overview research of any hospital and doctor then they decide to do an appointment, whilst patient usually check reviews on Google- my-business-page and presence on social media especially Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

You: - Hey don’t go too deep!!!

Me: - Okay, sorry, I am not here to teach you. definitely you have more experience than me, but here are some details that are important to know and not to learn.

You want to simplify? Let’s begin

First you need to understand your desired goals, like what you want?

Q1: -I just want to gain customer reach.

Solution: –

Paid Promotion You need to go for Social Media Marketing and Google AdWords.

  • Facebook lead generation campaign.
  • PPC search campaign.
  • YouTube pre-roll skippable Ad.

Mostly lead generation promotion use for: –

  • Sell products (products, gadgets, courses, etc.).
  • Sell services (healthcare, online appointments, etc. )

Q2: -I just want awareness of my clinic/hospital in my area (20km to 60km).

Solution: –

Paid Promotion You need to go for Social Media Marketing and Google AdWords.

Mostly brand awareness promotion use for: –

  • Promote an offer for a short period (Festival offer discount)
  • Emergency information that is important to know about the citizens of the area near your business or your clients, like “We are not open” or “Now we are open”, especially during pandemic time.

Q3: -I want both “conversion and awareness” equally.

We need to build brand value and gain leads as well.

Solution: –

Ones need to promote the clinic/hospital and doctor’s profile on every platform. Like whole digital marketing can achieve this goal: –

  • (1) What channels are included in “digital marketing”?
  • (2) Which platform is the best way to promote this?

Digital Marketing complete with whole elements: Paid and Organic promotion | SMM, PPC, SMO, SEO.

Don’t worry, it’s a very easy and simple process to understand:

  1. Promotion Type-Paid and Organic
  2. Channels Type-Social Media & Search Engine

(I) In Social media “paid” process has included — Social Media Marketing Mode (SMM)

(II) In Social media “organic” process has included — Social Media Optimazation Mode (SMO)

(I) In Search engine “paid” process has included Google ADwords

(II) In Search engine “Organic” process has included — SEO of website, blog and google map business page.

Mostly brand awareness and lead generation promotion use for: –

  • Promote a service/product on fativals (e.g., 20% off during Christmas week).
  • It is best for who want build brand image side by side gain the leads.

In this campaigns run for lead generation with brand awareness for example:

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