3 Lessons That Jon Stewart Taught Me.

What We Have Learned From Jon Stewart.

1. Have Great Class

In an age of reality tv and social media antics, Jon Stewart has shown great class throughout his reign. There has been no scandals, no privacy issues and no slip ups that would cause him to apologize.

When Jon Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell had other offers he let them. He didn’t make them stay at Comedy Central. Letting others live their own dreams is true Class.

Lesson: He has followed in the footsteps of some great entertainers. You don’t need to keep make your private life public in order to be more famous.

2. Let Your Work Do the Speaking:

Being a Master of Something takes time. When he took over for Craig Kilborn, he had a tough time in the beginning, but he let the work speak for itself. Soon, The Daily Show became what it is now; an iconic show. You have to work so hard that your work becomes a part of greatness, your work becomes a part of time, and your work makes people think and learn.

You will have bad days. You will have days that you want to quit. You will have critics telling you to quit. You cannot let that change your course in life. You have to let your work do the speaking.

Your passion is bigger than you. What are you giving? This is the most important element. Jon Stewart hired great talent. He made the team around him so amazing that when he did take a few days off, the show was still great.

Lesson: Let your work speak for itself. Hire a great staff and have great talent around you.

3. Be Open to Change

You have to let go in life and take a chance. You have to have faith that somewhere down the line the dots will connect.

I don’t think that Jon Stewart ever thought that he would host a satirical political show nor did he ever think that it would last for sixteen years.

He started off as a comedian and then had a couple of failed talk shows only to get the Daily Show.

Lesson: You have to have faith and take a risk and take a jump in your career. You will succeed, but maybe not in the platform you thought you would succeed in. Be Open to Possibilities in your life.

Jon Stewart has been one of my all time heroes. The way he acted at that desk was nothing short of perfect.

We wish him and his successor a lot of success. And we thank him for teaching us that class, hard work, and faith working together can triumph any misgivings in life.


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