3 Meows You Can Learn From Super Troopers 2

The Long Awaited Sequel to a Cult Classic is finally being made. Broken Lizard (the comedy troupe behind BeerFest, Club Dread, and Super Troopers) have teamed up with Indiegogo to raise money to make Super Troopers 2. Here are 3 lessons we can learn from this process.

  1. A rejected idea is probably a great idea- Super Troopers almost didn’t get made. It was rejected by everyone including Miramax. Finally, after private funding the movie was bought by Fox Searchlight and grossed $23 million at the box office. Look at your life right now and look at your idea that is being rejected. Maybe you are being rejected because you are original or maybe your start-up company is being rejected because the right person hasn’t invested in you. The lesson here is to keep going and not give up. Your idea will be picked up by the right person. Fox Searchlight was perfect for the Broken Lizard group.
  2. Timing is Everything- You want the success right now. You want everything to work out perfectly at this moment. And you might be reading this and be upset that your idea is not yet buzzing. The original Super Troopers came out in 2001 and now fourteen years later we are seeing a sequel. We would have loved to see the sequel years ago, but now with their Indiegogo campaign we can become a part of the movie. The lesson here is that you must be patient and be observent of when the right timing for your next jump in life is. So now keep working on your craft. Maybe your start-up still needs some fine tuning before you sell it. Super Troopers 2 has gone through 16 rewrites. Be patient and keep working on your craft.

3. Be Open to New Adventures- The makers of Super Troopers probably never imagined getting involved with a crowdfunding campaign such as Indiegogo. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram didn’t even exist when the original Super Troopers was made. But now with Indiegogo we can all be involved in the making and marketing of the movie; How awesome is that? How many times have you wondered how to get involved in movie making? How many times have you seen a movie and wished you could have some involvement? Now you can. And it works both ways. I think it’s amazing that the makes of Super Troopers can have a direct link to their fans. Be open to change and opportunity in your life. Don’t say no without finding out the details. You might say no to a gold mine without even realizing it.

If you want more information on the making of Super Troopers 2 visit their Indiegogo site at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/super-troopers-2

You can also follow them on twitter at: @brokenlizard

What are you most excited about for Super Troopers 2? What are your thoughts on their Indiegogo campaign?

Have a great day everyone.


Urban Turban

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