Someone ripped off my product, down to the font, the names of the functions in the code itself, and even the icons…completely coincidentally.

Alright so let’s set the stage a little bit. It’s midnight. One of my developers and I are burning the midnight oil, tirelessly trying to optimize this stupid Chrome Extension called Next Up I had built.

I’m tired, frustrated we have this one remaining bug left before I can sleep. I install my own Extension fresh from the store in hopes this is the last version we’ll ever need to publish, and lo and behold, I see…

For this year’s Makers Festival I noticed Remote Work was one of the categories. At SoFriendly we are a mix of remote and on site team members but even with our office, we still tend to work remote about 50% of the time.

I’ve always had this desire to either emulate on site office conditions or somehow give remote workers the social aspect of working in an office. We all love the freedom and ability to work from home but there’s just something about working in an office and the camaraderie that comes with that.

So for Makers Festival this year, we decided to build Y.A.C, or Yelling Across Cubicles.

YAC simulates what it’s like…

It’s live!

Update: We have thrown up a brandless version of the app at

What happened to

So at 8:15 PM tonight, we received this wonderfully plain text email from

A couple of folks over on our /r/SideProject thread brought up the possibility of this happening, and I shrugged it off at the time, but lo and behold here we are.

This project was a little experiment in viral trends for us though. I wanted to see how much traffic we could generate by cashing in on a trend at just the right time.

Politics aside, Colin Kaepernick and Nike produced one of…

Newton is available for iOS, Android, & macOS

The first thing we do when we hire a new employee is get them setup with all the best tools and hardware. We make sure they have a Macbook, get them a SoFriendly email address, add them to our Slack group. The next part is arguably the most fun I ever have and that’s downloading all my favorite apps on their laptop and phone. I’m a fanatic when it comes to being efficient and maximizing my time. I can’t stand wasting time fooling with something when I have projects to deliver and designs to, well, design. …

I just wrote an email to the team at after reading an article on their site about a 26 year old entrepreneur who apparently built a 10 Million dollar consulting business inside of 4 years. As a 26 year old entrepreneur myself, I was immediately intrigued by this story and thus began to do some research on how I too could be like him, sitting here myself at a measly 1 Million dollars. Don’t be fooled by people like Sam Ovens. Please. I’ll just paste my email to below so you too can be informed.

Hey team…

No, you don’t need to offer AWS equity in your startup, but you need to act like it.

This concept is simple in principle but many startups fail to take this seriously. When you sign a hosting agreement with a company it needs to be treated just like bringing a partner into your startup. Early stage startups who are utilizing open APIs such as Yelp or Google Maps to power their apps, the same goes for you.

Your product depends on these service providers like life support. If one of them shuts down, you shut down. If your API provider…

Yoink for Mac is my recommended app this week. You can download Yoink here. There’s even a free demo. (Free demo = awesome developer)

Yoink Screencast

Yoink for Mac

Yoink is a fantastic tool that sits on your Mac, only visible when you need it. As a designer and developer, Yoink is indispensable in my workflow. Mac’s new full screen apps which were introduced a few versions back in OSX are fantastic. The issue with this is that dragging things between windows became much more difficult. Yoink solves that.

With Yoink, grab a stock image or icon you like and drag it directly into the semi-transparent panel which appears on the left side of the screen. Then 3-finger swipe over to Photoshop and drag it out of…

When you hire a plumber to fix a sink you trust that he knows what he’s doing and will complete the job correctly. You don’t tell him how to fix the pipe that burst, and if you do, he’ll probably just leave. Hire someone else, or do it yourself. He’s the professional, that’s why you called. The same rule applies here. UX design is consistently undervalued as a specialized skill set. It’s just like being a plumber, albeit a bit less messy.

UX design is consistently undervalued as a specialized skill set.

Good UX takes time, testing, feedback, and many…

I heard about Toptal via an ad in @Jason’s Launch Ticker, jumped on their site and hit apply. The application process was pretty run of the mill, and ended in an odd choice of continuing like normal, or fast tracking my application by writing a blog about Toptal. This is a great content marketing strategy, but completely unprofessional considering you are asking me for spec work. Free blogs for the chance at a job. This is super anti-industry and I refuse to do it.

The application had a single spot for a personal web address, but didn’t really give me…

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