What’s Next?

When I reach a milestone, I set my sights on the next one.

The biggest application of this comes in my career. When I start a new job, I think hard about how the position plays into the broader picture and where I want to go after it.

The key benefits I’ve found from this practice:

  • Prioritization is much easier once you’ve identified the end goal(s)
  • Helps you be more intentional with your time and ensure you spend it wisely
  • Keeps you casually on the lookout for any opportunities that come up organically

I recently passed one year at Highspot. I love the team and the work that I do, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can learn there. I plan to stay for at least another 2 years.

If you are curious, here are my plans for what’s next:

  • 2 years: return to UW as a lecturer in the Information School. I’ve already worked it out with the chair of the Informatics program which course I would teach. This probably won’t be permanent, but I love the college atmosphere and could use this as a sort of sabbatical from the industry. With the pace our company is headed, I might also need a break from the startup grind by then.
  • 5–10 years: continue deepening my experience in customer success and product management with the goal of getting to a Director position in one of those fields. Bonus if it’s at a startup!
  • 10+ years: consider launching my own startup, probably as CEO.

I’m not bound to this plan, but it’s the general direction I’ve decided to set myself on.

What’s next for you?

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