My Preferred Medium

I figured that the best way to start this blog, aside from my short introduction, would be to address my medium of choice.

Though I do work both with analogue and digital, I prefer to work with analogue most of the time and shoot film for most of my work. However, contrary to what most photographers do, most of the pictures I take on a daily basis are done so with a digital camera of some sort, mainly because all of the pictures I take on a day to day basis are for sharing with my friends on social media. Whenever I set out to take photographs as an artistic endeavor, though, I prefer to shoot with film. There’s just something about shooting on film that really appeals to me. Not only is the look of film, especially color film, absolutely stunning, but the soul of film is also something that digital just can’t replace and something that I truly enjoy.

So why don’t I shoot film exclusively then, if I love it so much? Well, the answer, though unfortunate, is simple: film is expensive and digital is convenient. Let’s be real, I’m a student and I just can’t afford to shoot film at the rate that I do for my day to day pictures that are really only used for social media updates. Additionally, since they are updates, they should be ready within a reasonably short amount of time. With that being said, I can afford the time required to insert an SD card into my laptop to post to the internet. I cannot, however, afford the time (or money) required for developing a roll of film every day and then having the negatives scanned to post to the internet — that would require almost $20 and several hours per day!

So basically what it boils down to is that for my artistic work, I prefer analogue — film. For my day to day pictures, I prefer modern — digital. Both have their merits, and using both is the best way to go about things for me.