CNA Week 5

Twitter refuses to remove Trump controversial tweet

Trump’s recent tweet regarding the political affair between the U.S and North Korea has caused outrage among U.S citizens. They demand that Twitter remove the tweet and suspend Trump’s account as his tweet involves violent threats and discrimination against others based on their races, genders and more. However, according to an article on CNN, Twitter responds that the company will not take down the tweet because it is newsworthy and helps to make people aware of what is going on in the world.

UCLA incoming students to receive depression screenings

UCLA is taking a major step in battling depression among its students. According to an article on CNN, UCLA has decided to add screening to the existing anti-depression activities it is carrying on at the moment. The school board hopes that this new method will help decrease the percentage of students being diagnosed with depression on campus.

White House officials utilize personal email accounts

CNN reported that multiple current and former White House officials have used private emails to correspond to the affairs of the official administration. In the past, during the presidential election, the use of private emails was one of the hot-debated topics, as president Trump frequently attacked candidate Hillary Clinton for having used her private email account to do White House business while she was serving as a secretary of state. The White House has responded to this matter saying that they have occasionally released warnings and guidance to their staffs of not using personal emails to conduct the administration duties and tasks.

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