Exercise 3.6

  1. The first rutabaga eating contest was cancelled because of the adverse weather
  2. It’s not all right to drink an excess of beer before going to a football game
  3. As Einstein said, all knowledge is creative
  4. The state Capitol of Louisiana is located at 3722 Dagwood Road.
  5. The mayor refused to go along with the city council vote. “I dissent,” he said
  6. Madonna certainly has a flair for fashion ;(don’t use semi-colon b/c it’s confusing) she always wears expensive outfits
  7. The bomb totally (don’t use words like totally, rarely, barely, etc. ) destroyed (?) Sen. Kitsmoot’s bird cage
  8. My bright green Chevrolet, which is in the garage, needs a new transmission
  9. Knopke’s hilarious joke elicited laughter from the Midville’s City Council
  10. Jones lied on the floor waiting for the job interview to begin
  11. Horowitz, an ethics major, vowed never to compromise his principles
  12. At the end of the book report, Haynes cited the World Book as a source

Exercise 3.7

  1. twenty-five => 25,
  2. Nov. 10
  3. Rodeo Drive, 12 Davies St., Do not
  4. $130
  5. the north
  6. cross out “this evening”
  7. On Tuesday of the week, terrorists
  8. Twenty-two seamstresses
  9. 5 percent
  10. 2 feet
  11. $50, cross out Ms. ( don’t use courtesy titles, just first and last names), Chevrolet
  12. the governor of California, Sep.
  13. 3325 McDonald Drive
  14. During the 1970s
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