Dear Path…

I love you Path — I really do. And I hope you’re extremely successful with your crazy stickers. I also hear really good things about Path Talk, although it’s not for me — but congrats! So, in the spirit of all that love, I offer this humble wish list to you, in the hopes that maybe — one day — you’ll implement some of them.

  1. Web version — At least once a day I’m trolling the internet reading a blog or an article and find I’d like to post that link or make a comment on Path but I can’t. I have to dig my phone out of pocket, find the same website as on my desktop, and then copy/paste the link into Path. Actually, that’s not true. Nine times out of ten I just give up and don’t post it to Path at all. My point, is there are many use case scenarios where I’d like direct access to posting on Path through a web interface.
  2. Post editing — I still can’t belive this isn’t a thing. Slack, Facebook, Disqus all allow you to edit your posts after you’ve already posted them and you should too. If you just refuse to believe this is something useful and your answer is for the user to delete and repost — well, then — why are you hiding the delete function? At least implement a “swipe to delete” function to make it super easy.
  3. Post sharing — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written something in Path but forgot to check the twitter or facebook sharing icons. Think of all the social sharing you’ve missed out on because people can’t share something from Path after they’ve already commited the post.

That’s it. Three simple (or not so simple, I don’t know) requests. Whether you implement them or not, I’ll still use you, because facebooks sucks and I think your the bees knees! <funny Adventure Time sticker would go here if I could>

With love, ItsWilder

Originally published at on March 19, 2015.