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I am going to disagree with you for one simple reason, and that reason is that what you described is what feminism used to be. It’s something that many people would call “white feminism”, or the the kind of feminism where women are only concern with the problems of other women, especially those of a similar culture, upbringing, and situation. The “fight against stock photo sexism” is a prime example of this brand of ignorance. I have been a feminist for a few years, and have had to study the history for people who want to get in debates about what it really is. I understand that feminism was created solely for the advancement of women in society, but things change. Movements evolve, as the feminist movement has. Fourth-wave feminism is all about equality, so that means helping women and men of all cultures and backgrounds become equal. I don’t believe in calling myself a “humanist” because, frankly, it sounds ridiculous, but really I find such strength in the word feminism. It has made history for women and I believe that it will make history for men as well.

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