I Know I’m Not Amazing (& That’s Okay)

I have always been a perfectionist. As far back as I remember, I was never truly satisfied with anything I did, always wanting to solve that magic formula for the “perfect” outcome whatever I was doing. But, over the past year or so, I have had to realize that perfect isn’t attainable. Even the best of the best know that they’re not perfect, because perfect doesn’t exist.

Since then, I have had to come to another — more earth-shattering revelation…I am not amazing at most of the things I do. I’m not even great at most of the things I do. I have been doing sketch art since around 6 years old, and realizing that I wasn’t very good at that was pretty devastating.

Being told that you’re only just ‘good’ at something that you’ve thought you were exceptional at can be a seriously hard pill to swallow.

The thing is, realizing that I wasn’t that good didn’t stop me. Actually, I just kept going. I haven’t stopped yet. Instead, I have used it as a way of promoting my beliefs, strong stance on self-love, and even political ideology.

What has come out of all of this is an appreciation of other people’s talent, and the realization that even if you’re not the best at something, you can still do it and enjoy yourself.

I remember sketching years ago, and when I would get something wrong I would get so mad at myself that I would just throw the paper away instead of trying again. Now, I can spend months on my drawings, continuing to tweak them as I want.

And when I post them on social media, I am not asking the on-looker to say “Wow, she is a great artist.” I am asking them to question their own views. I use my art to make a statement and stand up for what I believe in. And, it’s a fun thing to do. All of the art I do now is on my phone with my finger, but it’s still such a fun past time, and can be an extremely empowering way to spend half an hour. After I post it, I love to get a few responses on how the pictures made people feel. Even if they aren’t the best-drawn, they are so important in showing where I stand on certain subjects. The picture to the left is one I titled “#AllWomen”. It’s something that came to mind after realizing that there aren’t enough feminists in the world recognizing the rights of Muslim women to be modest.

This last one is a badly drawn sketch of someone who looks maybe a little similar to Bernie Sanders (and maybe a little too much like Hank Hill), to show my support for him as a presidential candidate. I know that it’s not the best art, but it’s a good way to show my support for a politician that I stand behind, and I enjoy that.

I hope this proves that no matter how anyone sees your art, or writing, or whatever you do…if you love it and have a reason to keep doing it, never stop.

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